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Win Your Own Beanket! Three Chances to Win!

31 Jan

Win your own Beanket!

 Win A Personalized Beanket when we get 100 Followers!


BLOG:  Would you like to win a FREE personalized Beanket for your child?  For every 100 Blog followers I get (Up to 500), I will have a drawing for a free Beanket.  You can even have it personalized with your child’s name embroidered on it!

FACEBOOK:  For every 100 Facebook Likes  (Up to 500) we get on Bean’s Monkey Business Page… yep, I’ll have ANOTHER give away!

YOUTUBE:  I’ll be having at least one additional drawing/give away each month (through July), with new Bean style products for your child, including Beankets, Bean pillows, mini stuffed Bean, etc.  These monthly give aways will ONLY be announced ON THE VIDEOS and will start in February for participating fans (you’ll enter by sending in your child’s drawings/artwork/photos or videos).  You can subscribe to Bean’s youtube channel to make sure you don’t miss out!

Please Help Us Spread the word!

I’ll announce in each location the details of the Give Away when we reach the next 100 followers/likes!


“Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” Abyni Teaches Bean a Lullaby for naptime!

31 Jan

Today Abyni teaches Bean how to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” for naptime… & puts Bean to sleep!

What are your children’s favorite lullabies?  If you have any video of your child singing his/her favorite song, I’d love to see it, if you wouldn’t mind sharing!  You can reply with a video on youtube, or you can leave me a link in the comments OR email me at byn (@)  Be sure to let me know if you are willing to have a clip of your video on the show!

My kidlets back in 2001.

When my youngest daughter was born, our family was in the midst of homeschooling the older four kids, ages 2 1/2, 4, 5 & 9.  We listened to a lot of classical music at the time, so Abyni was the one who got used to falling asleep during school with the classical music playing.  While the other kids had had their favorite kids shows (Sprite, Barney; Kainan, Thomas the Tank Engine & Sesame Street; Jaedin, Blues Clues and Paris… well, Paris watched whatever Sprite watched, because those two were joined at the hip!), Abyni got to the point where she could ONLY fall asleep in the midst of schoolwork and classical music playing.  That was a nice bonus for a homeschool mom!  we would lay the recliner back and she would snuggle up in her blanket, and I would play classical music while the other kids and I did school.  It was awesome!

And here are those SAME kids in 2008. I need to retake this photo again, because now those two boys are BOTH 4-5 inches taller than Sprite!

Do you have any naptime routines?  Are your kids outgrowing naps?  How are you handling that transition?  As you can see by my kids ages, I usually had at least one toddler and baby at home!  It was interesting, to say the least.

It’s Here! Bean’s Monkey Business Premiere!

30 Jan

So today we’re going to have Story Time with Bean!

Paris and Bean are going to read “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?” by Dr. Seuss.  This book was suggested by Ethan’s mom, because it is one of his favorites.

Then we have fun making silly farm animal noises.  We’d love to see video of your child making farm animal sounds, and we’d even like to include them in future episodes if you like!  Or, if your child likes to draw, email me a copy of the drawing or of your child with their drawing, and we’ll add it to our website and show!

Later this week, Abyni teaches Bean to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Paris and Abyni both teach Bean some drawing tricks and Paris builds a block tower with Bean.

Did you give it a shot?  Did your child enjoy it?

If you would like to send your child’s drawing in to be used on a future webisode, you can contact me at byn (@)

Practicing Some More… Gearing up for Tomorrow’s Premiere!

29 Jan

Abyni and Bean's first hug!

Today we’re actually going to be filming and editing.  This time using our new lights and Mr. Patrick’s help behind the scenes.  While we’re busy doing that, you can take a look at another practice day!  Enjoy!  If you have the book “Dr. Seuss’ ABCs at home, you can read along with Abyni and Bean, too!

So, are you excited about tomorrow?  I sure am!  What kind of things would you like to see on the show?

Ready for their Close Up!
Abyni and Bean are ready for their Premier on Monday Morning!  Get READY!!

Thoughts on scheduling:

We’ll try to film all the weeks’ webisodes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Paris will edit one webisode each day for school.

I plan to have posts ready to go a week ahead and schedule them out to give us some wiggle room if we get behind.

This is our beginning plan:

Mondays: Story Time with Bean

Tuesday: Play Day with Bean &Paris

Wednesday: Singing Time with Bean &Abyni
Thursday: Let’s Learn Something New
with Bean & Paris
Friday: Fun Friday! Surprise with
Special Guest or Science Fun
Do you have any thoughts?  Are any of YOU excited?  How old are your children that will be watching?  Any other suggestions?  Games, stories or songs that your young children enjoy?
*I’m trying to be careful to make the majority of my videos with public domain material, or material I have written myself.

Sneak Peek! Colors & Blocks with Abyni

28 Jan

Today Bean decided that he wanted to try his hand at running the camera!  He had a few little issues, but finally got it up and running.  Do you like making movies and plays at home?  If you want to upload a video that you made to youtube for Bean and the girls to see, leave your link in the comments or reply with a video on youtube and we’ll watch it!

We’re still practicing, but we’re getting closer!

Questions for moms or dads:
What are your children’s favorite toys and games (and what are their ages)?

Let’s Count! Another Sneak Peek with Paris and Bean!

28 Jan

Today we made another practice run with the camera.  Yes, I should have waited for the light set I ordered, but we were so impatient!

Ironically, the light set came right after we finished filming!  Oh well!  I thought the kids might enjoy not only getting to hear Bean, but maybe give them some ideas to try making their own show with their stuffed animals or siblings.  I love encouraging creativity in kids:)  (And cleaning, but I’m not very good at encouraging that one… any tips?)

Bean’s New Room, Part Two!

26 Jan
Set Work:  Day 2, Finishing Up
Before vs. After
My wonderful, awesome hubby helping me out.  Again.  On one of his few days off.
He’s going to take the canvas I painted yesterday and put it on the wall (we rent, so we’re not allowed to paint the walls, or they’d already be that color!:)
I hung the frames that the girls and I painted, along with a painting done by Abyni on stretched canvas.  I’m getting ready to add some more of the kids artwork that we’ve had on our walls for YEARS that my husband refuses to let me take down because he loves those particular drawings/paintings so much.
I plan to have the kids who watch the show send me some new paintings/pictures to hang in my empty frames as well as switching out some of the pictures that are already there.  Ugh.  Its going to drive me nuts.  I’m going to have to switch out the blue frame for a green one.  I didn’t realize just HOW MUCH blue is on that wall!
Abyni and Bean hanging out on set.
And here is (most of) my family playing games in the evening while the “set” is compacted to the side for daily living.  Yay!  It all works!
Question of the Day:
Do you play family games with your kids?  What is your favorite family game and why?
Mine is Catch Phrase.  I’m not sure if I actually love the game, or the fact that my 15 yer old son is so hilarious at it.  He uses ‘phrases’ that he insists are idioms and he always gets them slightly wrong so no one can guess what he’s trying to say.  It results in hilarity unlike anything I’ve seen during our family game nights (and that is saying a LOT!)
See you Tomorrow when I show you my plan for the show debut:)

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