Drawing with Bean & Abyni! Circles!!

2 Feb

Drawing with Bean and Abyni!  Circles!

Drawing Circles & Things with Bean.  Its hard to draw circles when you’re a monkey!

Today, Abyni teaches Bean the purple monkey and kids how to draw circles!

Today is going to be an Abyni day… so I’m going to introduce you to my own little Abyni Bean. (yes, she was the initial inspiration for Bean the Monkey!)

This is Abyni at around age two.  We had been living on the bus for a little over a year.  As you can see, Abyni always had her own version of… style and color. AND wearing her shoes on the wrong feet!

She wore those bloomers as often as she could!

All of my kids loved it when I sang to them.  All of them UNTIL Abyni.  When I sang to Abyni… she CRIED!  Even when she was a little baby, if I sang to her, she cried until I stopped, and then SHE would coo/sing herself!  Obviously a little woman after my own heart!  She wanted to be the one singing, the center of attention.

I’m afraid her older siblings spoiled her too much, because she usually WAS the center of attention!  I think its mostly leveled out now… because most of us manage to be the center of attention:)

I must say, I love the odd little things that are coming to mind during this blogging experience!  I had forgotten so much!

What’s Coming Tomorrow?

Paris is going to come and do some more drawing with Bean.  She’ll even show you how to draw Bean’s face by using mostly JUST circles!  Get your paper and markers or crayons out and let’s draw!


3 Responses to “Drawing with Bean & Abyni! Circles!!”

  1. Patricia February 2, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    Love watching Bean’s videos and love watching your process through this very fun journey!

    • Bean's Monkey Business February 2, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

      Thank you so much Patricia:) I love all the wonderful support you are giving me!


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    […] Drawing with Bean & Abyni! Circles!! (beansmonkeybusiness.com) […]

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