Bean’s Monkey Business: Drawing with Paris

3 Feb

Drawing with Paris

Come and learn things you can draw using circles… including BEAN!

Come and Draw with Paris & Bean

Today its art time with my daughter, Paris.  My little mini-me who isn’t so little anymore!  Paris is 13, soon to be 14.  She’s so much like me personality wise, but thankfully she got her daddy’s looks (who knew he’d make such a pretty girl?)

She is creative and artistic, a little obsessive about organization (and yet still messy… just like me).  Seriously, yesterday I was telling her about the sewing room I used to have, where my hubby built me floor to ceiling shelves for tubs of fabric and yarn and she got all dreamy eyed about it:)

Anyway, here she is, teaching Bean about drawing:


Free stuff?  Already?  Yep!  I want to reward my very first fans with a give away!!  Next week on at least TWO videos, there is going to be a call for participation… watch and participate for your chance to win YOUR CHOICE of a FREE Beanhead Snuggle Beanket or the original Beanket, handmade by ME!  I will be asking for reviews and kids participation as well!  Stay tuned!

What kind of Bean products would you like to see?  Last night I designed a “Bean Bag” an actual book bag with the Bean on it:)  It made ME smile, anyway!


2 Responses to “Bean’s Monkey Business: Drawing with Paris”

  1. Patricia February 5, 2012 at 12:07 pm #

    Circles rock! and so does Bean and Paris. Love this!


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