The Trials & Tribulations in the Life of a Puppet

7 Feb

Behind the Scenes at Bean’s Monkey Business

Life Lessons:  I Need My Husband.

Of course, I need my husband.  I need him a lot, often, and in many many MANY ways.  However, I never realized just how much I needed him, specifically him to help with the filming of this “Bean’s” show!

He has not only supported me, but he’s had a “hand” in it from the start. I’m so punny 🙂

Puppeteering is VERY new to me.  Before the moment when I got a wild hair to make my own puppet and got my puppetmaking pattern in the mail mid January of this year, I had never tried my hand at puppeteering, much less making my own puppet.  I’d never even thought of it before… and my husband supported and even encouraged me in this wild venture.

Come on now, don’t tell me that just ANY husband would respond to their wife suddenly talking in a cartoon monkey voice by going, “Yeah, what a great idea! You should make a puppet and do this often!”

He even figured out how to make blinking eyes for Bean (and wasn't upset when I decided that it wouldn't work with this particular puppet)

Not only did he help build the poseable hands pictured above, but he also helped a LOT with building the set.

Before filming our first sneak peeks, I had never tried figuring out the logistics of filming a show on a set.  I had filmed several plays, and knew the difficulties in filming in a theater, but I was not prepared for all the little tweaks that would come with filming on a set built within my tiny living room.

The very first day of filming came with several issues.  The puppet ‘set’ that we had made wasn’t working, I needed a ‘stand’ so that I could sit directly under the Bean and give him more range of motion.

When we needed the puppet stand a foot taller... my husband got out the duct tape, the HOT PINK duct tape.

My handy husband went out side, cut a few boards, grabbed an old aquarium stand and got busy making me a puppet stand that was just perfect.  Maybe a little unorthodox, but workable.

Our lights are ready to go, thanks to my honey:)

He found the lighting set we needed for $60 and free shipping, because he’s a genius at researching the best deals on anything, especially technical stuff (he’s also found just the right keyboard and professional filming equipment for when we have a budget for it.

Then, we got ready to film and both of our videos cameras refused to work for two different reasons… Patrick’s response?  Just a minute…

My handy man, took apart both cameras, and used parts from one to get the other one working.

And yet, I skipped filming on Sunday because (A) I was in a horrible mood and its hard to be around a cute little monkey when you’re in a horrible mood and (B) The Super Bowl started earlier than I thought it would.  Silly me.

I thought it would be no big deal to just film with the kids on Monday.


First, I had Paris doing the camera work, which was great, except a few times she got distracted by the pure cuteness of Bean and would zoom out too far, showing my head. (Yes, IRL, my kids get absorbed  with Bean’s cuteness and actually interact with him as though he’s real.  I had to talk in the voice a LOT around the house for them to get used to it enough that they didn’t just squeal with the overabundance of cuteness every time they tried to interact with him!)

Then my son would be filming, and no one would notice that the camera position had changed, so Bean was apparently talking to someone to the far left of the camera instead of talking TO the camera/audience.  There went a whole other clip that was unuseable.


Wait!  Bubbles will help.

Then we tried to do the bubbles scene and I realized after we started that I wouldn’t be able to see the bubbles to know where to look/how to react when Abyni was trying to impress Bean with bubbles (hey, what kid/monkey doesn’t love bubbles?)

THEN I tried one more time with Jaedin filming Bean and Paris playing peek a boo and again with the off to the side camera AND the light set was showing….


Well.  I guess it was a learning experience.

So, that was a very long post to say that there will be no clip today, or at least not until tonight, because I am never going to try and film without my hubby at home to help!  He would have caught ALL of those issues and had a fix ready for them as well.

The bonus lesson for today is that I really need to be even MORE appreciative for my awesomely wonderful husband for not only supporting me so thoroughly (and gladly putting up with my constant eccentricities), but for being such a fantastic compliment to my own skills and talents.  We work together so well, and I am continually grateful for it.

I love you, Baby:)

After 18+ years together, I am continually amazed at how blessed I am to have this man as my other half:)

How do you show your husband that he’s appreciated?  What kind of awesome things does he do for you?  Does he encourage your dreams… even if they’re weird?  And lastly… what’s the strangest “wild hair” you’ve ever gotten?  Did you follow through with it?


7 Responses to “The Trials & Tribulations in the Life of a Puppet”

  1. NighLon February 7, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

    I love this post! I do believe I am going to have to take your lead on this one. I’m going to have to write a thank you post to my hubby. Maybe I need to have some more of ME in my blog anyway! Thanks for sharing, and I thank your hubby for sharing you with us!

    • Bean's Monkey Business February 7, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

      Thank you! I’m glad I inspired someone to do the same. Far too often I take my hubby’s awesomeness for granted. I agree with you… I need to make sure that I’m putting myself on this blog as well!

  2. Patricia February 7, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    I laughed and smiled and nodded my head yes so many times through this. Come on, I have three kid-sized dolls in my house that have taken over my closet with all the clothes they have, and David is still with me all the way. Really, would we have married any other kind of man? I don’t think so ~ we’d be fools. One day, David went by the room Petie was in and said, “looks like he’s gaining weight.” And don’t let me tell you what he says when the dolls are in our bedroom. Love your husband ~ wait, no, I love your entire family!

    • Bean's Monkey Business February 7, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

      Hahaha, Patricia, the things that our husband’s just take with a grin… its awesome!

  3. G.R. Rogers February 7, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    I loved it! Especially the part about your son filming…. This week I will pass on the hubby thank you, as I’m still cleaning up his messes from his 4 days off :-/. Next week I’m sure I can get back to appreciating him!

  4. Sylver Blaque February 7, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

    Funny! (And cute hubby 🙂


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