Bean’s First Original Song! Bean’s *B* Song! You want to see this, your kids will LOVE IT!

8 Feb

 Abyni Teaches Bean a NEW Song!

And You get a chance to win your very own Bean Merchandise by participating in the show… so watch the video for details!

Let’s be honest, I have a REALLY hard time selling myself. I can market the crap out of things, and I *get* the whole sell yourself IDEA… but I generally can’t sell MYSELF.  However, this?  THIS episode??? I have been made patently aware that this is not ME!!  THIS is US!!  My FAMILY has created this, in a joint effort.  I am building something worthy WITH my children.  I am building something that has the ability to be BIG and I’m doing it because I LOVE KIDS.  I LOVE seeing the world from a child’s perspective and getting out from under the world’s need to define everything… and I LOVE that I get to do something that INVOLVES MY KIDS.  And THEIR talents and ambitions!!!  I love that I am a living, breathing example of being a parent that encourages their kids and GUIDES their kids in the areas where they EXCEL!

It is NOT about fitting IN, it is about FINDING YOU.  (sorry if that is not PC, but… yeah, I prefer reality)

I actually wrote the song for this episode with Abyni the other day.  She was singing it off and on for the last two days so its obviously catchy!  I hope you enjoy…

**Note:  If you are on a mobile device and are having problems viewing the video, here is the direct link.

Tune in Tomorrow for Playtime with Bubbles!

OOPS!  That one got a little TOO close!!!

What has been your favorite episode clip so far?  Are your kids enjoying it?  I am loving the feedback that I’m getting from parents!!!  Thank you all for watching!


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