What’s Coming up NEXT WEEK!

10 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Well… its a little early, but I’ll tell you why.

Abyni LOVES to make up art projects for herself.

I’m going to start updating you on what’s coming up for the next week so that when there are crafts or activities (mostly thought up by my eternally creative girls!), you can be prepared with the supplies on hand if you have a child that is at an age where they’ll want to try to work along with us.  That being said, let me add that there will be times when because of a goof, I can’t stick to the exact schedule, so don’t get your kids excited yet!  Just be prepared to say, “How about that?  I just got out these spoons and oatmeal tubs, JUST LIKE BEAN just did!  Now you can make music together!”

Scheduled for Next Week:

Monday Story Time:  We’re going to read a FREE ebook called Hide and Seek by Matt Ryan (This book is about half way down the page) that you can find online and download for free!  I love this author SO much!  Shout out for Ambriel!

Tuesday Drawing Time:  We’re going to break our regular schedule and draw hearts and make some fun Valentine’s Day cards & decorations!  You’ll just need white & colored or patterned (scrapbook paper works great!) and crayons, paints or washable markers!  *Oh, and some glue, tape or glue sticks!

Wednesday Singing Time:  Paris, Bean and Abyni are going to play dress up and sing a rap song!  You won’t want to miss this!!  Get out your own “gangsta” gear and have fun singing along… and don’t forget to take photos!  Mom, you get involved as well!!:)  Shout out for Xander, Jacob and Dallas

Yeah... they like to play dress up several times a week!

Thursday Play Time:  We’re going to PLAY hide and seek just like we read about in the story on Monday!!  (This one should be fun to figure out!!)

Friday Fun Time:  we’re going to make swirly water with water, oil and food coloring!  You’ll just need red, blue and yellow food coloring and some clear glasses or jars and some oil.

BONUS:  This week you’ll get to meet Kainan, our 16 year old, who is going to teach Bean how he can help get himself to sleep at naptime!

Kainan, Abyni & Jaedin

So, there you have it… if you want to gather things together for the week, I’ll try my best to stick to the schedule I put up!  If things keep coming together as well as they have, I’m hoping to have some full episodes edited together into a full length episode each week!!


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