Sunday is Family Day (& filming day, of course!)

12 Feb

Sunday, Sunday… Our Family Day

I think I’m going to take Sundays to post about my family or a family member a little more in depth. Because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I am using my hubby AGAIN, even though I already posted about him this week.  You can also find out more about our family by visiting the Cast & Crew Page.  

Today I read THIS blog post and was BLOWN AWAY at the many, many ways you can show your husband that you love him… and even worse… because I noticed that there isn’t much on that list that I’m good at doing! I was nearly in tears by the end of it!

Then I read How to break out of the SAHM Slump and felt even WORSE (although the writing was funny:).  I’ve been a full-time SAHM for 5 weeks, and I’m already guilty of ALL of these things.  OMG.  I will say that both of these inspired me to get off my butt and start some chicken marinating for dinner and the kids and I took our first 30 minute burst of cleaning and got a LOT done.

Sad Proof... May Hair (Paris had to hold up the towel because my white hair doesn't show up against the white cabinets:)

This is a video slideshow that I made for my husband for our 17th Anniversary (squee!!:) last year. It shows many years of MANY changes!! There are photos from many of our adventures in Youth Theater, from the Homeschool Prom that we put on for a few years, from Halloween(s), family vacations of jumping off cliffs with the kids, our “honeymoon” in Hawaii… our hot date nights… Oh, and I am singing the background song, which is one of “Our” songs:)

If you want yet another glimpse into our family, take a look! You’ll learn a lot!

And that man up there?  He’s the one who started the whole purple monkey obsession… for years he’d answer the kids constant questions with some variation of “11 Purple Monkeys!” 

Dad, What are we going to see today?  “11 Purple Monkeys!” 

Dad, what did you get at the store? “11 Purple Monkeys!” 

Daddy, where are we going? “to see 11 Purple Monkeys!” 

It was only disturbing when that was the answer to “Daddy, what are we having for dinner?”

This has resulted in a huge collection of purple monkeys in our bedroom (yeah, we’re so grown up)

The collection started out small... but grew over the years as Patrick has had plenty of birthday monkeys, Father's Day Monkeys and Christmas Monkeys

They don't all fit in one spot anymore!

And they are getting HUUUUUGE! You can't tell, but the one in the back is probably 4 ft tall! Paris Airbrushed it purple for Christmas!

He even has a purple monkey HAT! My friend, Karen, knitted it for him!


3 Responses to “Sunday is Family Day (& filming day, of course!)”

  1. Patricia February 12, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    Were you crazy kids like 14 when you got married ~ you look fabulous! It’s probably that sweet child energy you can generate that’s keeping you so young looking. Love the idea of posting about your family on Sundays ~ selfishly though, because I’d like to know more about you and your family. I’m off to see the 11 Purple Monkeys.

    • Bean's Monkey Business February 12, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

      I was 20 when I had the oldest, Patrick and I got married right before we turned 23. Thank you for your wonderful comments, Patricia, I like to think that’s the reason I stay young as well!!:)


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    […] not being fabulous, that is where Bean’s Monkey Business comes in. I was reading the post on Sunday Funday, with the discussion about her husband. She links to a blog , The Adventures of J-Man and […]

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