Naptime with Bean, Part 1

13 Feb

Today is Naptime with Bean and Kainan!!!

**Today’s scheduled clip of story time will be posted on Thursday, as it take editing skills beyond the scope of reality for me on a Monday morning:)  Tomorrow we’ll have our Valentine’s Day Party with crafts and recipes on the blog and a fun video for the kids.

Today marks our first episode clip with my son Kainan.  He is SO adorable, although that’s probably hard to believe if you know him in real life.  My 6’2″, lovingly sarcastic jock of the family is willing to sit down with Bean and be a part of our show.

Kainan puts himself to sleep trying to help Bean!

When I asked him if he’d be on the show… Really, he said, “Well, what do I have to do?  I can teach him how to eat bacon or sleep.” and thus, Bean’s naptime.  We have a whole list of clip ideas, so this should be a recurring theme throughout the show.

The end is absolutely adorable.  Even my hubby said it was all he could do to now interrupt with “Awwwwwww”

(As always, if you’re having issues viewing on your mobile device, get the direct link here.)

What are your best naptime or bedtime routines?  Do you have ideas for future episodes?  Share them in the comments!  

As always, we love comments and seeing photos!  Post clips of your favorite naptime photos on Bean’s facebook page… and I’ll go hunt down some of mine!

One of many of my favorite naptime photos:

This is Abyni when she was about 6? She was always falling asleep in the oddest places!

We LOVE getting your comments! Thank you:)

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