Prepping for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day Episode

13 Feb

Making Valentine’s Day Cards with Your Children and Toddler Artwork!

Bean loves to draw circles!

Tomorrow’s Video clip is probably going to be a bit longer than most.   I didn’t plan as well as I could have, and thought I had communicated clearly when I really hadn’t.  Then we forgot to film *B Roll* footage, so I’m still trying to figure out if I can work around that or not.

Anyway, if your child like coloring and crafting, this is what you’ll need to participate with Bean or to make the craft when the show is over:

White Paper (cardstock or scrapbooking paper works best, but any white paper will do) Colored or patterned paper


Crayons, markers or paints

Glue or glue sticks.

Paris shows you how to create the card on the video for your child to watch, but here are some clips for you:

Trace Your Hand or have your mom help!

Spread glue around your purple cut out!

You can also use this idea for using other scribble pages from past drawings to make custom art cards for other holidays as well.  I’m sure they’d be well loved by grandmas and grandpas everywhere!

Finished Front!

Inside of the finished card!

This is a slightly more elaborate version for an older child.  They can decorate inside the hands on the cover however they might choose.

Glue your "outline" to the outside of your white cardstock.

Write or Decorate the Inside of your "hands" with words, designs or even jewelry!

Bend the bottom of the colorful hands under and glue/tape them down...

Abyni's Handprint card with Pop Up Hands!

For instructions in making your own Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls, Check back Tomorrow Afternoon!

We Made Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls for the Kids for a Valentine's Day Treat!

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day Crafts or Traditions?  I remember growing up, my mom would give each of us kids some sort of keepsake or “treasure”.  She was a single mom for some of our younger years and we didn’t have much money.  Yet the one gift I remember the most was this little antique looking face-vase that held silk roses.  I loved that thing so much.  I kept it for years and years, but lost it when we lost our house to toxic mold:(  I still have the memories, though.  I am so glad that I was able to appreciate even little things like that… and I especially love that my kids appear to appreciate the little things as well!

Don’t forget to Catch the Show TOMORROW MORNING so Your child can work on their card alongside Bean!!! 


We LOVE getting your comments! Thank you:)

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