Its Art AND Game Time Today!

21 Feb

Today, Paris is going to stop by to show Bean a fun activity that she created.  She is doing illustrations for a children’s picture book that I wrote about Bean meeting a new friend (who will eventually be on the show as a new character someday, once we figure out the logistics of what we’re ALREADY doing!) and today she made a coloring page for me with the main character in the book… a silly monkey!  Today they’re going to color the picture and then use it to make a puzzle!  Feel free to print out a copy for your child to color and play along!

Paris' first coloring page!

Guys, we have had so many technical difficulties these last couple of weeks (Our camera that Patrick has fixed and refixed several times keeps quitting on us and then I knocked over some lights and broke them… it hasn’t been pretty!)  We are already working with low quality equipment and a non existent budget, so this is NOT acceptable!!) , and that being said, I am really proud of how this clip turned out!  It is a little longer than the 5 minutes I’m generally shooting for, because we combined two clips.  This is both “Art Fun” AND “Play Time” and I really feel like we did a really good job with the B Roll footage this time.

*ETA:  Finally got the link uploaded and watched it to see an unexpected “behind the scenes” clip that wasn’t supposed to be in there!  OOPS!!  I then spent far too long trying to fix it, but it SHOULD be okay now.  *Sigh* 

Having problems viewing?  The direct link is here

What do you think?  Did you like it?  Am I getting better???  This editing thing is not my strong suit!  Learning new software is definitely not my strong suit!

If your child enjoyed coloring time with Bean, please send me a photo of their coloring project!  I’ll feature it on a future show and give them a shout out.  I love to include my fans on the show:)


3 Responses to “Its Art AND Game Time Today!”

  1. Making Our Life Matter February 21, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    Really wish my kids were little enough to fully appreciate all your hard work!

    • Bean's Monkey Business February 22, 2012 at 10:34 am #

      Aw, thanks:) I know what you mean, I have a very narrow market here! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Paris Teaches How to Draw a Simple & Easy Monkey for Kids! « Beans Monkey Business - March 14, 2012

    […] I am going to show Bean and the kids how to draw my super easy monkey that I created for the printable coloring page a couple of weeks ago.  Did your kids enjoy the coloring page or the drawing lesson more?  Would […]

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