Bean’s Monkey Business: Due to Technical Difficulties… We’re Going to Discuss Grown Up Things!

23 Feb

Grown Up Things

(no, not those kind of grown up things!)

Because we’ve been having so many technical difficulties, ending with a camera that won’t work if you move it, shut the screen, etc.  I am not going to be posting a video today.  I guess I’ve already posted 4 Days worth anyway, since Tuesdays ‘clip’ covered both “Art Time” and “Play Time”.  Plus, my tech support has been working late nearly every night (or going to get our new-to-us keyboard!) so we’ve just had no chance to film unless we made the girls do it at 9:00 at night, and I’m not willing to make this a stress on them simply because of technical issues.

I'm confused as to why our obviously BRAND NEW *ahem 7 year old* Home Video Camera just isn't up for this job!

I have so many great ideas for the show, I think I’m going to spend some significant time today figuring out the screenplay writing software that Patrick found for me!  Paris is spending her art time working on illustrations for a children’s picture book I wrote about a silly monkey who lives in the jungle all alone and lonely until he meets a new friend (our next puppet!) and its SO exciting to see her art and illustrations.  This is one amazingly talented girl!

Paris' first Finished Illustration!!

Her Rainforest Bird, And the "Lonely" little monkey's New Friend!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, gearing up for this whole kickstarter thing, Patrick wrote a script for himself and Bean and I think its pretty good.  We need to get Bean’s character out there, whilst still making it a more grown up video to get the point across to the adults as to what we’re raising money for.  

Also on our kickstarter page will be:

  • An actual budget, accounting for all the different things we’ll be wanting to buy.
  • Links to Bean’s Monkey Business blog, youtube channel and facebook fan page.
  • I’d like to do some set design sketches to include as well.  
  • Some sketch ideas that we have for future puppet characters (so far a goofy loud bird based on Sprite, a slow and steady sloth based on Jaedin, a “monster” type based on my son Kainan and a puppet of some sort for me to read chapter books for older kids)

Do you have any advice as far as what YOU as a potential funding supporter would want to see/hear about before you would want to commit to helping?  (Not that you personally have the means to help at this point, but if you DID, what questions would you have that we haven’t covered here?)  

Oh, and speaking of equipment, my hubby not only got our keyboard set up last night, but he ALREADY wrote music for Bean’s *B* Song!!  I’m so excited!!

Yay Craigslist and a Hubby who is Awesome at finding a great deal!

If you have some time, would you please give me some input on what you would like to see on our site?  I’m really wanting to make this a place that people are drawn to, and I want to make it more about our personal journey than *just* a way to promote our show.  I want the show to be interactive and get feedback from the parents of the kids who will be watching.

  • What kind of topics would you like to see covered on the show, by Bean, Paris, Abyni or Mr. Patrick?
  • What kind of books would you like to see for read aloud time?
  • Do you have a Mom Blog with projects that we could do on the show and link to a specific blog post of yours? (Please make sure it is your own original content!)
  • What kind of behind the scenes stuff would you be interested in learning about?
  • Would you like to know more about our family?  Do you have any particular questions?  (I’m working on a weekend series that details our journey through acting and how we went from being a very private homeschooling family to a family on stage and even some movie sets!) 
  • Do you like the idea of more coloring pages?  Printable Activities?
  • And, finally… are you excited about MUSIC?  Do your kids love it??  We not only have a keyboard now, but I am working with another musician friend who sings and plays guitar and she is writing songs too!

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your input!

One Last Thought!  Here is the Beanket that Paris made for our first youtube winner, Xander!

Xander's Very own Beanket!


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  1. Kim Deacon February 23, 2012 at 12:29 pm #

    visiting from Exposure 99% weekday hop


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