Our Story, Part One: The Beginning of Our Acting Journey… The Wizard of Oz

25 Feb

Unfortunately, the computer with our photos on it from the Wizard of Oz crashed and I lost them all:(

So, to ease the pain of a horribly lengthy post, I am not only going to use other photos of my kids from that time period, but I am going to grace your screen with a HILARIOUS scene from a play I wrote and directed on this very journey!!  Seriously, its the funniest character I’ve ever written, acted by one of the best comedic actors that I’ve ever worked with.

The Beginning… The Wizard of Oz

Summer, 2005 Our acting adventures started in a rather odd, and yet quick way.  I was sitting in a waiting room for some reason I can’t remember.  I randomly picked up a TulsaKids magazine and was flipping through it out of pure boredom… I must have been there a long time because I had enough time to even read through all the classified type ads in the back!  An audition notice jumped out at me, “Auditions for The Wizard of Oz at the Spotlight Theater” and the final auditions were THAT NIGHT.

(I am still in a fog about where I was:) I left, and debated the whole way home whether we should try it.  My kids all loved to play pretend, and Abyni, although she was the youngest and the most shy, would come alive if she saw a stage. 

I had always dreamed of acting or singing, performing and all that, but I had a huge enormous fear of failure growing up.  A huge fear that kept me from trying and kept me from realizing my dreams.  I was already seeing that same behavior in my oldest daughter… and although part of it is just personality, I wanted to teach my kids to NOT be afraid of trying something new, even if they ‘failed’.  

We had been to several theater productions at the performing arts center, and Abyni always wanted to know how to get ON the stage instead of in the audience.  This was our chance, and I decided that we were going to take it.

I got home, announced to the kids and Patrick that we were going to “Go practice auditioning.”  I set it up so that it was fun, whatever the outcome, and no one had to worry about failing.  We were simply practicing at auditions!

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We all hopped in the van and went to audition.  Kainan and Sprite, the oldest kids, were already old enough to be nervous and they decided not to try out.  That was fine, but the biggest shock was Abyni.  Up to that point, she would NOT talk to adults outside of our family.  She would glare if someone talked TO her.  The director was this really tall, loud theater type… and when Abyni asked us if she could go on stage, we told her that she could, but she had to ask the director.  She promptly hopped up and ran over to this guy, and I’m not joking, I think she barely reached his KNEE!!  She yanked on his pants leg and said, “‘Scuse me, Mister Director, can I get on stage too?”  Patrick and I were stunned… and she got up on stage and did wonderfully!

And as for our practice audition?  We all got parts!  Small parts, but enough to get us on stage and set fire to our new found passion… theater!

Me at 33! Wow!! I have changed a bit (mostly because I've gained weight (boo) and maybe my hair just a little:)

It was an amazing experience, and one that catapulted us into a life that we didn’t expect, but have THOROUGHLY enjoyed!!  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Thanks to John Barker, the director for casting us and making this such a positive experience!

Actually, that experience was SO daunting and exhausting, that we didn’t even venture back into acting for a couple of years, other than Patrick and I doing once a month appearances in the long running “The Drunkard and the Olio”.  

Our next excitement… and the one that had us doing/involved in FIVE plays over a 12 month period.  

Check back every weekend for ‘Our Story’ Updates!


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