Bean’s Monkey Business: Singing Time ~~ Let’s Make Drums!

27 Feb

Yay!  Drums!!

In keeping with our theme this week, we’re going to make some home made drums to play today!  I’m finding that I’m combining things that before now were separate videos.  I guess this means that there will be less than 5 videos a week OR I need to write some new material:)

All you need is some paper, glue, scissors and an old oatmeal box or container from some protein powder or something.

This is a super simple project, and we plan to make a new instrument each week until we have a whole “band” ready.  My kids always loved making and playing on pretend instruments, I hope yours will too!

Having trouble viewing?  Here is the Direct Link!

I apologize in advance for getting the “Drumming Song” in your head.  If it helps, its been tormenting me since I wrote it!  I feel bad for Barney’s creator now.

Oatmeal and Isagenix (So glad I finally found a use for at least one of those containers!)

In other instrument related news, we finally found (and had money for) a keyboard!!  Its a used keyboard that we found on Craigslist (my hubby is sooo great at finding these things!), but it works, and it is ours!

I even got the space in the bedroom cleaned out for it today, in the midst of doing about 10 other things.  Is anyone else a little bit A.D.D.?  Seriously, I am SO bad.  I just remembered that I needed to call my hubby, but I left my phone by the stove.  I went to the stove and forgot the phone, but remembered that I was going to soak some beans for dinner.  Then I realized I was cold, so I went to the bathroom to get my robe, but I just went to the bathroom instead.  Then back to the computer… where I remembered that I needed to call Patrick.  Back to the stove, where I stirred the beans, then washed a pan since I put too many beans in one pan.  OH!  The PHONE!  The phone was in our box of eggs.  (I know, go figure. )  Then I realized that I can’t call my hubby at work, or rather I shouldn’t, so I used the home phone to call my cell phone, which I just found this morning and now its lost again.  Ugh!  Speaking of which, I did stop in the middle of that whole blathering on to actually call him, but he didn’t answer.  I’m stressing a little bit because he’s supposed to take our son to work at 3:00… and its now 2:19.  And he has to come home and load up equipment first!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Oh!  And one other thing, we had our first give away on youtube, and our fan who posted the video on our facebook was the winner!  Thank you to Paris for sewing it!!

Paris and Bean holding Xander's new Beanket right before we boxed it up!

Here it is, wrapped up and everything:)


5 Responses to “Bean’s Monkey Business: Singing Time ~~ Let’s Make Drums!”

  1. Making Our Life Matter February 27, 2012 at 10:54 am #

    Uh oh, I have an almost empty oatmeal container, guess I will be doing arts and crafts soon!

  2. Practical Parenting March 2, 2012 at 10:28 pm #

    We have SO MANY homemade drums!!!! We are very into recycling, and my husband is a bass player…so put the two together and we have lots of handmade “instruments”…some better than others! Love this 🙂

    • Bean's Monkey Business March 3, 2012 at 11:26 am #

      I always enjoyed making play instruments when my kids were growing up. We have a whole list to make, eventually we’ll have a whole “band”:) Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

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