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The Letter of the Week is *N* Free Printable Handwriting Pages & Coloring Activity Pages

28 Mar

The Letter for Today is  *N*

Noise, Noodles, Napkin and NO!

Watch the Video and Learn Along with Bean!


Here is your Printable Coloring Page for the Letter *N* to color along with Bean. Letter_N_Worksheet

Here is your Letter *N* Worksheet & Coloring Page!

Print it out before watching and your child can work on it with Paris and Bean.

Handwriting Worksheets for the letter N?  Yep!  I have those too!! You can print out one in gray for tracing: letterntracing or in black and white for copywork: letterNbnw


Free Printables for Happy Birthday Paris!!! Learn How to Count to 14 w/Bean

27 Mar

Today’s video is about the number 14…

and about birthdays because Paris turns 14 today!

Here is a video that I made for Paris last summer, it shows a lot of photos of her first 13 years.  I guess I’ll have to make a new on this year!  *That is me singing a cover of “Had a Bad Day”, btw, and Paris and I cracking up in the end when I kept messing up… she talked me into keeping the messed up version.

The direct link

Paris’ Birthday Party Part #1:  Learn to Count to 14 with Bean!

And today we’re coloring a birthday cake picture for Paris!  You can print off the picture and have your child decorate a cake for Paris and cut out 14 candles to put on top!  Color along with Bean and the girls as they design their very own idea of the best birthday cake ever!  You can make Rice Crispy Treats for a “real” cake snack with us, too!

Click here to print off your own cake picture: cake

Abyni and Bean Decorate a Cake Coloring Page just for Paris!


Let’s Play Memory with Rhymes

26 Mar

I’m sorry this is late, but we had quite the ridiculous ordeal over filming this clip!  We went through the whole game and when we downloaded the camera, Patrick realized that he had already had the camera on… as we were setting up.  Then, when we were ready to play, he hit “record” and actually ended up turning it OFF instead:)  Silly guy.

Anyway, I also realized I flubbed on the rhyme time cards, so I had to fix those too.  Instead of “tail” on one card, I typed “horse”  Lol.  Bean realized it when we turned the card over in the first game.

THEN, when we started to film the second time, our son Jaedin called to tell us he had wrecked his bicycle and the handle bars were broken.  Since he had ridden his bike 26 miles to the river to go fishing, he was still really too far to walk home.  Ooops.  So, Patrick had to leave to go pick him up.

AHHHHHH!!!  Anyway, without further ado, here is the game “Memory:  Rhyming Style”  (You can find the printable cards to play with your child in this post, to make it harder, glue the cards on ONE color of construction/scrapbooking paper.  To make it easier, glue each sheet on a different color)

Letter to the Ellen Degeneres Show

25 Mar

Just so you know that my children aren’t the only ones who exaggerate in this family, here is a letter that my husband sent to Ellen Degeneres.  We are huge fans of The Ellen Show, she makes us laugh even when life it full of stress.  We are huge fans and would love to get to meet her some day.

With no further ado, here is his letter to Ellen:

Please save me!  My wife and children are obsessed with being on your show!  You’ve probably noticed any number of emails, pictures, snail mail, presents, and videos sent to you by one member of the Always family or another over the last couple of years.  My sanity is seriously starting to slip….
We’re producing our own puppet-based web series called Bean’s Monkey Business, and there’s nothing they want more in the world than to bring Bean to meet you.  It’s all they talk about!  Every day it’s Ellen this and Ellen that.  My wife has started waking up in the middle of the night saying your name.  My daughter asked if she could change her name to Ellen.  My son wants your name tattooed on his leg.  They’ve even gotten my dog involved with their obsession.  They carved “Ellen” into her fur and now they’re trying to teach her to howl your name.
Please, in the name of all that is just and good, please help my family before this becomes any worse!
Patrick Always


24 Mar

CONTEST: Don’t forget to leave comments on your favorite videos, as we’ll be drawing a name for a FREE Bean product for your child! Enter as many times as you like! 

Our Youtube Channel is 2 Months old today and we have nearly 2,000 views! I’m pretty happy with that, especially since the quality of our videos has increased tremendously already in that small period of time!! We have 16 subscribers, and I’m hoping that our numbers explode soon with views, likes, comments and subscribers!  

You can make your mark by hitting “like” on youtube and subscribing.  

Every comment through tomorrow at noon will earn you 1 entry for a FREE Bean Pillow Plushie for your child.  

The Prize in this Month's Drawing! A Deluxe Plushie Bean Pillow!

We’ll be filming clips all day tomorrow, with plenty of new stories, games and crafts.  Let us know what types of clips you like best.  Let us know what you would like to see that we haven’t done yet.  We’re working very hard to bring you a good show with a very restrictive set, but we think its going well in spite of those restrictions.  We would love some feedback from our fans ~~ what do your kids love the most?  What do you want to see more of?  Talk Back and Give us YOUR Opinions!

These are the most viewed videos thus far:

The Top Viewed Video is Bean, Paris and Abyni doing the “Dance Dare” from the Ellen Degeneres Show.  Of course its not viewed enough to have gotten her attention, but still:

The Next Top Viewed is our first original song, the “B” song.  I need to write some more music and I’m hoping that soon we have backup music as well!

And both of our stop motion animations seemed to have gotten a LOT of interest.  I guess this means I need to keep doing one of those each week, too?

And MY favorites?  The bloopers reels.  I just love that we can have so much fun with this… it is great to be able to laugh with my family!

Don’t forget to COMMENT AND WIN!!

Family Funnies Part 2: Why it is So Hard to Win an Argument Here

24 Mar

So as I said last week, the sarcasm gene appears to run pretty deep in our family.  Its pretty hard for my poor hubby to win an argument in this house.  

With me, its because I generally refuse to argue unless I know without a doubt that my way is right and I have proof at my fingertips (this isn’t 100% reliable, but its reliable enough that my hubby always brings drinks with mine in his right hand because I’m ‘always right’:)

With the kids… I think its more their sarcasm kicks in, especially Kainan’s.  He is the King Of Sarcasm.  See here:

A Typical Exchange

Thank goodness he also has a great sense of humor and can laugh at himself, because a few months ago he gave the kids a hard time about always teasing ME and never teasing him.  *Note:  This is a sentence you should never, ever, ever say to my kids, “Hey, why do you always give your mom a hard time?  Why don’t you ever make fun of me?” 

Yeah… not a good idea to call the attention to yourself in this case.  The poor man gets made fun of all the time now.  Even Abyni, the sweet one who always takes our side had to add, “Daddy, WHY would you say that?  You NEVER say ‘Why don’t you make fun of me!!  Oh, dad.”  (Shaking her head here, as the eleven years of wisdom she has stored becomes apparent to her)

Next Weekend,

Stay Tuned for the “Your Mom” phrase that has been floating around our house for the past year.

Monday we’ll be back with new Bean videos for you!

Bean was on our local Tulsa’s Fox 23 Daybreak this morning!

23 Mar

Bean was on TV this morning!!

"Bean, you're pretty cute."
Bean, "I KNOW, right?" lol

We were guests on our local morning show this morning!  It was a fun experience, but wow, it seemed like we were on for about 10 seconds!  I almost forgot what actually happened on camera, and what happened before the camera was on us:)  Bean had a staring contest with the host and I think he surprised them with some of his questions!  When they asked what kind of things Bean teaches children, Bean answered and then asked, “What do YOU teach to kids?”

Bean and the host had a staring contest, guess who won?

And yes, I fail as a blogger, because our first time on TV and I FORGOT TO TAKE MY CAMERA!!!

You can watch our appearance by clicking here

Now, I guess since I forgot to take my camera, we’re going to have to find another show to be on so that I can blog about it properly!

They used a clip from our blooper reel on their commercial/previews.

What was your favorite part?  Have you ever been on TV?  We’ve been on before for play publicity and whatnot, but this was Bean’s first time!

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