Bean was on our local Tulsa’s Fox 23 Daybreak this morning!

23 Mar

Bean was on TV this morning!!

"Bean, you're pretty cute."
Bean, "I KNOW, right?" lol

We were guests on our local morning show this morning!  It was a fun experience, but wow, it seemed like we were on for about 10 seconds!  I almost forgot what actually happened on camera, and what happened before the camera was on us:)  Bean had a staring contest with the host and I think he surprised them with some of his questions!  When they asked what kind of things Bean teaches children, Bean answered and then asked, “What do YOU teach to kids?”

Bean and the host had a staring contest, guess who won?

And yes, I fail as a blogger, because our first time on TV and I FORGOT TO TAKE MY CAMERA!!!

You can watch our appearance by clicking here

Now, I guess since I forgot to take my camera, we’re going to have to find another show to be on so that I can blog about it properly!

They used a clip from our blooper reel on their commercial/previews.

What was your favorite part?  Have you ever been on TV?  We’ve been on before for play publicity and whatnot, but this was Bean’s first time!


4 Responses to “Bean was on our local Tulsa’s Fox 23 Daybreak this morning!”

  1. Patricia March 23, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    Yeah!! Happy Dance! This is so incredibly awesome!

  2. Stacey Thompson March 24, 2012 at 8:29 am #

    Great job! Xander loved watching Bean’s big tv appearance.

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