Family Funnies Part 2: Why it is So Hard to Win an Argument Here

24 Mar

So as I said last week, the sarcasm gene appears to run pretty deep in our family.  Its pretty hard for my poor hubby to win an argument in this house.  

With me, its because I generally refuse to argue unless I know without a doubt that my way is right and I have proof at my fingertips (this isn’t 100% reliable, but its reliable enough that my hubby always brings drinks with mine in his right hand because I’m ‘always right’:)

With the kids… I think its more their sarcasm kicks in, especially Kainan’s.  He is the King Of Sarcasm.  See here:

A Typical Exchange

Thank goodness he also has a great sense of humor and can laugh at himself, because a few months ago he gave the kids a hard time about always teasing ME and never teasing him.  *Note:  This is a sentence you should never, ever, ever say to my kids, “Hey, why do you always give your mom a hard time?  Why don’t you ever make fun of me?” 

Yeah… not a good idea to call the attention to yourself in this case.  The poor man gets made fun of all the time now.  Even Abyni, the sweet one who always takes our side had to add, “Daddy, WHY would you say that?  You NEVER say ‘Why don’t you make fun of me!!  Oh, dad.”  (Shaking her head here, as the eleven years of wisdom she has stored becomes apparent to her)

Next Weekend,

Stay Tuned for the “Your Mom” phrase that has been floating around our house for the past year.

Monday we’ll be back with new Bean videos for you!


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