And Your Kids Thought YOU were Embarrassing??? Introduce them to THE Most Embarrassing Parents EVER!

4 Apr


Hey guys!  Sorry for the silence lately (and what promises to be several posts a day between now and Sunday!)  Not only has my mom, Grandma Sue, been visiting, but my oldest daughter, Sprite has been here visiting as well because she is moving to Iowa to work with Grandma on her children’s and youth ministry.

Sprite brought her guy friend over, and another friend of hers came over as well.

I tell you, my kids are amazing, because she KNEW that we were going to be filming, and that Ben and Garrett would be meeting Bean.  Garrett has been friends with our family for over 4 years.  He’s worked with me through several plays, so HE was already used to our weirdness.  Ben, however, has only met our family one other time.  Boy, was he in for a treat!  So,  if your kids ever say that you are embarrassing them, show them this video and tell them to be thankful that at least you aren’t a purple monkey part time!!

Grandma, Sprite and her friends were sitting just a few feet away!

The Direct Link is Here

I tell you, our family is SO hilariously weird… this was SO MUCH FUN!  I’m going to be uploading painting lessons with Grandma Sue later, she’s teaching Bean and the kids how to shade objects to look three dimensional.  I’ll have a new Grandma Sue video every week, you will REALLY want to watch these.  She is a professional artist and has taught kids and adults alike many times over the years as well.  You can see her artwork on her website, Signs and Wonders by Sue.


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