Let’s Dye Easter Eggs! Learn How to get a Marble Finish on Your eggs and Glitter!

4 Apr

Abyni helps Bean the monkey learn how to dye Easter eggs with a marble texture and then they add glitter!  This is an awesome Easter egg project that your kids will enjoy doing along with Bean.  All you need is water, oil and food coloring.  We had a bit of a chore getting the eggs to stay down with the small mouthed jars we used, because we’re slightly challenged dishes-wise around here.

To empty out your egg shells, gently poke a hole in each of the egg with a sharp knife, then blow on one end and the egg will come out the other end.  

Tap GENTLY to make a hole in both ends. I usually make one hole a little bigger like this one, and the one on the top smaller.

Some of my kids found this fun, some found it gross... make sure your child is old enough to know not to inhale the raw egg! Blow to clear the shell. Then rinse out the egg.

To hand the eggs, cut toothpicks in half, tie a string in the middle.  Stick the toothpick through the hole in the egg, then gently pull on the string until the toothpick “catch” and will hold the egg like an ornament.

Like so...

Poke the toothpick into the top hole on your egg.

Viola! We're ready to dye and hang!

Then you’re ready for Dying!  Follow along with Bean and Abyni as they have fun dying their eggs!  Next I’ll post about Bean and Paris decorating the tree and learning to count to Eleven!  Let Bean and Paris help teach your child how to count to 11.

One of our finished eggs!


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