It is a Sad, Sad Day at Bean’s House.

13 Apr

Today is the day.  We knew it was coming, and we knew it was coming soon.

My handy man, took apart both cameras, and used parts from one to get the other one working.

Our camera is dead.  Dead and gone.  I wonder if we should literally have a funeral and bury it.  Oh my word.  I just realized that our dear camera DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A NAME!!!!  Oh, the HUMANITY!

My hubby carefully tying the camera onto our broken tripod with a shoe lace.

This camera has been with us for a long 5 years.  It has weathered through Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Adventures of Mr. Toad, The Phantom of the Op’ry and three original plays Rapunzel’s Story, Prince Awesome’s Story and Once Upon a Midnight Silly.  It has witnessed many birthday parties throughout the years, family events, vacations and more.  It is like an old family friend.  It has captured my husband’s reaction to my recipes, my scattered ‘how to’ video for making clean eating chicken fingers, the kids doing a variety of things and my mother busting a gut laughing.

In Memorial, I will share with you some of our favorite moments throughout the years.

If you want to see the “Real Byn”… here I am in my audition video for “The Voice”

My son Jaedin and his HILARIOUS reactions after getting his wisdom teeth out

I should have a channel called My A.D.D. Kitchen after making this video on the fly after failing to figure out how to type up and explain  how to make clean eating chicken fingers.

We even capture Grandma moments (this is my mom cracking UP hysterically over the Ellen Show when Kaley Cuoco was on with the shake weight)  And omg, I cracked up at the comment I got on this asking “Y does ur baby got makeup on ?”

As I mentioned above, I took video of my husband’s reactions to my recipes often last year when I was doing a Clean Eating Blog.  He was SOOOO funny, he’d say, “Well, I’m not going to react if you’re filming me, you know!” and then he’d give this foodgasm of a reaction!

And then there are the random this stuff just happens at our house kind of videos:

And last, but not least, our last available video taken with our precious camera, a collection of funny blooper footage from when my mom was visiting.:

Although it seems ill-timed to talk of a replacement so soon, the timing is pretty good, I suppose.  In spite of the fact that today I was going to film the reading of “How Do You Sleep, Baby Dolphin?” for our review post, at least we’re thisclose to getting our tax return and that means, NEW CAMERA TIME!!!  Oh my, I feel guilty just typing that out.  (Seriously, people, I just sat here for a few mintues wondering if I should save the “new camera” stuff for a later post!)

Through watching “Film Riot” on youtube, my husband has found the camera we need and I can’t wait to show it to you!!

Do you have a youtube channel?  Do you have video online of you or your family in your funny, silly or embarrassing moments?  Share some with us, please!!  Don’t leave me hanging out here all alone!!


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