Book Review: Baby Dolphin, How Do You Sleep? by Tamara Vellozzo

17 Apr

Book Review, “How Do You Sleep, Baby Dolphin?”

We got our book in the mail... ready to read!

I’ve received my first book to review!  I’m not receiving any compensation, just a copy of the book to read on the show and review, courtesy of the author, Tamara Vellozzo.

Baby Dolphin, How Do You Sleep is a brightly illustrated, under the sea story that reminds me that children like to imagine that even animals live like they do.  This book particularly covers bedtime routines and habits; the bedtime story, the kisses good night and even brushing your teeth before bed.

Bean points at the momma and baby finding a nice place to sleep

If your children are anything like mine were, this may lead into learning more about dolphins!  I’m sure it will bring out your child’s curiosity about what its like to be a baby dolphin.  Tamara includes a fact sheet at the end of the story to get you started.

I think this would be a great book to own to add to your own bedtime routine.  I love the rhyme and flow of the story, the calming ocean drawings and just over all cozy feel.  Reading it, even just to myself makes me think of being curled up under the covers snuggling with the kids!

Bean likes the baby's blanket...

I can’t wait to read this with Bean and the girls on the show… as soon as our NEW camera gets here!!

You can order your copy with the following links (depending on your book preference ~ mine is the paperback version!),

“How Do You Sleep, Baby Dolphin?” by Tamara Vellozzo.

Or you can find more information about Tamara through her blog

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