Learning How Bean’s Monkey Business Works: A Peek Behind the Scenes

19 Apr

Behind the Scenes at Bean’s Monkey Business!

I know I’ve mentioned some behind the scenes things here before, but since our camera is dead I haven’t been able to film for almost two weeks and its driving me nuts!!  So, I went searching through footage we already had, hoping for some inspiration.  I found it in the form of “Behind the Scenes” footage.  I would like to go even more in depth on this in the future, especially when we start building our ‘real’ sets and whatnot, but I thought you might be interested in getting a little glimpse of how we do things now.

This is pretty much our living room when we're not filming. The set is very 'flexible' in that we can just move the painted boxes around and out of our way when we need to.

Our set basically consists of painted wine boxes that are (for the most part) not attached.  I’ve had comments that there is too much color on the set… but I love color.  I love the blend of these colors and I think that gives us some originality.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions, I guess, but I like the color.  I AM excited that we’re getting a new camera, though, so we can zoom in closer without having issues with focus like we did occasionally with our old one!

Here is Abyni under our 'puppet stand' where I usually sit on a couch cushion if we're going to be filming more than one clip.

It needs to be noted that Abyni is quite a bit shorter than me!  This is NOT a comfortable position for me to be in!  We are hoping to be able to use some of our tax return to build at least one or two “real” sets, where I can be sitting on a rolling stool and the set is built up high enough so that the puppets can have more mobility, be able to walk and turn, dance, etc.  I can’t tell you how excited I am at that prospect!!

Here is a video showing you some of the things that I generally edit out, like discussing “B Roll” footage, finding the camera and other little technical things that have to be done to get the show to look right.  

Do you have any questions?  Things that you’d like to know about us or our show?  Ask Away!


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