Reading Time: Paris and Bean Read Aloud with Mo Willems “We’re In a Book”

25 Apr

Naptime or Story Time?

Okay, first thing, I have to say that Mo Willems is a genius.  My kids LOVE the Piggie & Elephant books.  And we just discovered them!  Seriously.  Even my 20 year old was CRACKING up at her first book.  The other day we went to the library and I had to fight Paris NOT to get ALL of his books again.  She finally relented and only got five.  Five.  The librarian probably thought we were nuts.  Oh, wait, she already knows us well enough to know that we are!

In the beginning of the video, Bean is supposed to be taking a nap, but he’s way too excited!! (we all know how that can go!)  Paris offers to read him a story to help him calm down.

Anyway, in this adorable story, Piggie and Elephant discover that SOMEONE IS LOOKING AT THEM!  It is a hysterical book and Paris and Bean have a great time reading it.  If your child likes read alouds, I definitely recommend checking out these books.  Just watch how much fun Paris and Bean have reading Mo Willem’s “We’re In a Book”!

I found this story just totally adorable.  How about you?  What are your favorite books to read aloud?


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