Mother’s Day Mural Project, Part 1: How to Paint Eric Carle Style!

30 Apr

Day 1:  Visual Textures!

The thing I love about Eric Carle is the way he uses a variety of textures.  I love his use of vivid colors and patterns.  So today, step one of our mural is going to be to create some new visual textures!  You can do one a day for art time, or just sit and do a bunch of textures all at once.  For younger kids, probably one or two a day would be best.

You can incorporate this with a lesson on textures by having your child find different textures around the house.  Have them find things on a list; soft, scratchy, rough, smooth, etc.  Then tell them that they can paint textures, too!

Also, you may want to have SOME ideas in mind, but don’t focus on what you’re making the textures FOR.  That’s part of the fun, finding the right textures for different parts of your murals LATER.

use a plastic bag to make texture in watercolor, tempera or acrylic.

salt wet watercolor and then brush off when dry for a fun texture

The styrofoam "Print" done with washable markers (work fast!)

For the first day, you’ll want to play around with some textures.  Here are a couple of ideas for you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some “Eric Carle” inspired paintings that my girls did years ago:

We used paint and marbled some paper for this book project when the kids were little.

Here's a cute frog


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