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In the Works at Bean’s Monkey Business!

21 May


As you may know, we’re MOVING!  At the moment, our house is filled with the process of packing.  Unfortunately, that makes it nearly impossible to film anything.  It will be AWESOME when we have a whole set built up at the new house, but for now, our hands are tied.


We are getting a POD storage container delivered on June 8th.  At that point, we can get rid of EVERYTHING extra and do some hardcore filming.  We want to approach the concept of dealing with change as an adventure and maybe touch on some of those things that young children really struggle with when it comes to changes in life.  We all know that we have to deal with change at some point.  Let me know what types of change your young ones are dealing with, and if there is anything that we could specifically address to help you and your child(ren) deal with upcoming changes.

Paris helping Bean learn that its okay to be different!


We also have some feelers out for more live events!  I’ve contacted the JDRF and the Buddy Walk for Down’s Syndrome (although I’m having issues finding the proper contact info, if anyone has advice on that) as well as a local children’s hospital and libraries.  We’re looking forward to volunteering our time for local events and meeting a lot of new kids!  

If you have an idea for local to the Tulsa Area events that we could participate in, please contact me via the comments or email at byn(@) 

At first they had me standing behind the desk, but most of the kids couldn’t see.


Another thing we are looking into is getting some custom plush toys made!  Our plan is to do some fundraising to get the base seed money to at least do a minimum purchase.  For sales, we would love to be able to have our process go something like this, “You buy a stuffed Bean the Monkey, and we’ll deliver one stuffed Bean to a child at the local children’s hospital.”  I’m not quite sure how to work that one, but I would LOVE to be able to take a little gift/momento to the kids that are stuck in the hospital to give them something tangible to hold on to.  We would be designing some sort of purple monkey to resemble Bean.  The biggest factor here is available funds… they’ve knocked the minimum order down to 1,000… which is good, but that is still somewhere around a $5,000.00 beginning investment.  

Our design will be decidedly more “Bean” like, and, of course, PURPLE!:)

If you have any ideas, experience with ANY of the above issues, please feel free to share!


It’s SO DIFFICULT!!! I am not a techie… Cameras

14 May

I realize that I am not a techie type.  Never have been.  But this new camera is kick our butts over here.  We have figured out the very basics, but now that we have a new camera and new microphones, it is SO difficult to figure out how to make everything work together.  It is taking us a lot longer to get anything done, and its making our video uploads sporadic and my viewers are going way down because of it.  I need to get on the ball.  

You can’t argue with the quality factor though.  Just look at the difference between our old camera videos and our new ones.  The old ones, that I thought looked fine now look all washed out.  Plus, I can upload the new videos as HD every time.  Now we just have to get our sound issues worked out.

You can watch them and see the difference… nothing short of amazing.

Here is Bean and Paris trying to learn how to say their ABCs.

And this was one of our earlier videos, when we didn’t have much in the way of microphones or lighting equipment.

Wow.  So, that’s it in a nutshell.  Unfortunately, our equipment woes came just in time for my first facebook promotion… so I suppose I’ll have to try again later.

Oh, and BTW, this is our new camera!

Top Five Videos!!!

14 May

Our TOP Five Videos!

A big Welcome to our friends from Shut the Front Door!!!  A facebook page that in part does a lot of good work towards stopping child abuse, something I can really support.  Join Lisa at STFD for laughs as well as a chance to join in the fight against child abuse.

Here are our most popular videos thus far:

Maurice Sendak passed away recently.  His book, “Where the Wild Things Are” has been one of our family favorites ever since our first read aloud.  Watch Abyni and Bean read it for your children!

Another popular video is Bean and Abyni playing with bubbles!

One of the most viewed videos is of a read aloud with Abyni.  She is helping Bean read “Sheep in a Jeep”… a book request from a friend.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t even aware these books existed, but they are GREAT!!!  Have your child listen to this fun read aloud.

Another super popular video is our stop motion animation for “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”

And in one of MY favorites, Bean learns what the word DIFFERENT means when Paris changes her look a LOT!

BIG NEWS!!! Bean is… MOVING!!!

10 May

Sorry I’ve been offline a lot.  We’ve been house hunting and haggling over our new dream house!!!  The location is perfect and will save us hundred of dollars in gas (seriously, we’re moving from 12+ miles from my husband’s work to less than a mile away!), my son will be a few hundred YARDS from his last two years of high school, instead of having to get up an hour and a half early to spend over an hour on the bus.

The yard is downright MAGICAL.  Ahhhhh!!!  I’m not kidding, we walked around to the back of the house and saw this gorgeous deck, a huge yard backing up to a forest and I said, “This is it.  Make them an offer if the house is sound.”

I don’t even remember what the inside of the house LOOKS LIKE!  I had to download photos from the realtor’s site.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The yard is almost 1/2 an acre, with a gorgeous and huge multilevel deck with built in benches.  We’ll finally be able to have parties for the kids and have our friends over again!  I am SO thrilled!

And soon we’ll do a series on change and moving with Bean.  As a lot of kids struggle with change, I think this will be a great opportunity to help them learn to cope with the big changes that come along in life!   Paris and Abyni… and maybe even Kainan or Grandma Sue can help Bean learn that changes can be good!  

How do you help your children cope with change?

Fun Spring Photo Shoot with Paris and her New Colorful Dreads! The Most Colorful Shoot I’ve Ever Done!

5 May

Paris and I went outside yesterday and snapped a bunch of photos right quick so that she could update her profile pictures.  I’m taking some downtime today to practice editing photos.  I am not a professional photographer AT ALL, and I’m just learning and playing around with photo editing software that I downloaded for free from, so please don’t freak out if my editing stinks.  I’m learning, at least.

Anyway, here she is, Paris of the colorful hair!

Paris is such a great model. She’s natural and loves to have fun with her pictures!

This is one of my favorites!  I played around with adding extra color, just for kicks!

This is another favorite!

I LOVE our new camera!!!



Just for Fun: Let’s Learn our Alphabet for Bean with A.D.D. ABCs

5 May

Paris is still trying to get Bean to sleep when he suggests playing the “ABC Game” and then proceeds to get distracted over every few letters.  Just a fun, silly ‘learning’ time!

Oh, Bean!

Hey! Let’s play the QUIET GAME!!!

Have fun learning how to say your ABC’s… at least until its “T” time!

Friday Funnies: Dangerous Boys… and Dads? Explosions and All Those Things Your Mother Never Let You Do

4 May

My son Jaedin is a good kid. He’s 15, he is self motivated, ambitious and does his chores pretty much all of the time now without being asked. He’s my science geek, A.D.D. to the max (although it seems that we’ve either found ways to help him with it, or he’s learned to compensate, because its gotten remarkably better as he’s gotten older!) and really into Air Soft. He actually runs a business buying broken Air Soft guns, then fixes and resells them at a profit.

As with many boys, he has always been intrigued by how things work. He’s taken apart all of our old broken electronic equipment, researched any way to blow things up or make things more powerful. He’s like the boy version of Tim, the Tool Man Taylor on Home Improvement.

Anyway, as you may know, my daughter Paris has a youtube channel and it is doing REALLY well. She has even started making money from it. Now Jaedin wants to start a channel. He’s been trying to think of the best kind of channel and the other day he had a sudden epiphany.

Yeah, a real conversation at The Always House.

So, as you can see, he comes by it honestly.  Thankfully, my husband is very intelligent in the realm of techie things, so I’m trusting him to make sure that Jaedin doesn’t blow up the house!

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