Top Five Videos!!!

14 May

Our TOP Five Videos!

A big Welcome to our friends from Shut the Front Door!!!  A facebook page that in part does a lot of good work towards stopping child abuse, something I can really support.  Join Lisa at STFD for laughs as well as a chance to join in the fight against child abuse.

Here are our most popular videos thus far:

Maurice Sendak passed away recently.  His book, “Where the Wild Things Are” has been one of our family favorites ever since our first read aloud.  Watch Abyni and Bean read it for your children!

Another popular video is Bean and Abyni playing with bubbles!

One of the most viewed videos is of a read aloud with Abyni.  She is helping Bean read “Sheep in a Jeep”… a book request from a friend.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t even aware these books existed, but they are GREAT!!!  Have your child listen to this fun read aloud.

Another super popular video is our stop motion animation for “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”

And in one of MY favorites, Bean learns what the word DIFFERENT means when Paris changes her look a LOT!


One Response to “Top Five Videos!!!”

  1. Making Our Life Matter May 14, 2012 at 12:48 pm #

    I love that you are able to pick out a top 5! I wish I could watch them, but my laptop is wonky. Have a great week!

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