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The Best Father’s Day Gift So Far!

12 Jun

Father’s Day 2008

I wish that I had taken the time to make one of these each year, because it is amazing me how much these kids have changed in just four years!  Kainan and Jaedin both still had their little boy voices, Abyni and Paris have changed SO much… and Sprite is all grown up and doesn’t even live in the same state as us anymore!  To refresh your memory, you may want to go see their NOW photos.

Make a list of questions for your kids and video their answers for ANY holiday, for ANY reason.  It is an amazing gift, even for THEM!

If there isn’t a father in the picture… just take the holiday and rename it Kid’s Day or Family Day (because family doesn’t always mean that there will be a Dad in the picture, unfortunately) and ask questions like:

What is your favorite part about our family?

What was Your Favorite Memory from this year/ever?

What was your favorite vacation memory?

What makes you/your siblings/your parent happiest?

What is the funniest story you remember your parent telling you?

What do you think your parent(s) were like as a child/children?

What do you want to do when you grow up?

What kind of questions can you think of?  

I loved finding out what specific things they were thankful for!  I think I might make one of these for ME for MY birthday… and make the kids participate and say nice things about me:)


*Happy Dance!* We get to FILM tomorrow!

11 Jun

Our living room has been PACKED full of boxes and furniture for the last several weeks.  We ordered a POD Storage container (oddly enough, even keeping it for a month for the move, including all the fees, it isn’t costing us much more than we’d spend on a UHaul!) and we are emptying out the living room now, so we can do some more filming.  I am excited! 

I can’t wait for the girls to tell Bean about moving, because Bean is going to have a surprising reaction.  You know how much Paris gets into playing and being silly with Bean, so you can imagine how this somewhat stressful conversation might do to her AND Abyni.  Neither of them like to see Bean upset at all, especially not at them!

Remember this silliness with Paris and Bean?

When it comes to a big life change, what is your child’s greatest worry?  What types of changes stress them out and how do you help them cope?  I hope to cover several child-related issues over the course of the next couple of months in between moving and getting settled in our new home.  We will be building a new, raised set in our new garage, as well as filming some kitchen clips in our new kitchen with Bean.  

We are ALSO in the process of setting up several LIVE events, touring a local “Reptile World” so Bean can learn about snakes and other reptiles, visiting the children’s hospital to bring some smiles to the kids there and other live shows with kids.

What types of things would YOU like to see us do?

Miss me yet? You can ALSO find me here…

10 Jun

Hey all, I know I haven’t been around much lately, but there is still so much going on!

With the move, I’ve started several fun art and home decor projects that you might want to check out on our family blog The Always Family & Whatnot.  It will include things like birthday party ideas, home decorating, artwork, shopping trips, DIY projects and some homeschooling things.  Basically, everything other than cooking and Bean’s Monkey Business stuff.

365 Days of Clean Eating is my foodie blog.  I don’t post every day, but I am posting again and there are a TON of recipes already there.  I am going to be trying the “Once a Month Cooking” thing right before we move (unless our closing date gets moved up) and I’ll definitely be posting all about that! 

So, there you have it, if you want  to keep up with our family even when Bean isn’t necessarily involved, that’s how!  Oh!  Speaking of which, we’ll be making some cooking videos with Bean as a crossover between my cooking blog and this one to show you fun recipes to cook with your kids!

Talk to you later!

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