We’re Baaaack! Bean’s Birthday Party and Season Premiere!

27 Aug

Hey guys!  We did it!  We’ve scheduled Bean’s first Live Birthday Party!  for September 15th!

We’ll have a live show as well as a chance to get your child’s photo taken with Bean.  At least a few kids will get the chance to interact with Bean and be filmed for our youtube channel!

We’ll of course have cake and games with prizes for the little kids as well.

I am SO excited:)  After having a couple of live events, and seeing kids interact with Bean, I just can not wait!

This was SO much fun!

This was SO much fun!

What are your favorite party games for a variety of ages?  I love planning birthday parties, so this is fun for me, too!

I love this idea for the ‘birthday cake’ (cookies seem a lot less messy to me!)

Source: blog.hwtm.com via Byn on Pinterest

and these as party favors.  

Source: fiskars.com via Byn on Pinterest

What are your favorite children’s party ideas?

AND, for those of you who are too far away to attend, we’ll be doing some special give aways during our premiere week!


We LOVE getting your comments! Thank you:)

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