Birthday Party Plans… Thoughts? Ideas?

31 Aug

So, Bean’s birthday party is coming along.  I have my list of things that I need to do ahead of time.


Parents: There will be filming releases for the parents to sign for those that are willing to be filmed for the live show.  I will have at least a few teens there to help corral the kids while parents are filling out their releases.

Kids: I plan to have an art table set up for the kids as they arrive, so they can occupy themselves.  Since I don’t have little kids anymore, I don’t have any of the ‘little kid’ type toys!

Balloon Animals!  Periodically throughout the party, my husband Patrick and my daughter Paris will be making balloon animals for the kids.  They started practicing within minutes of me bringing home balloons!

Bean’s silly balloon hat!

Live Show:

I’m going to have Bean do a short live show that we’ll be videotaping.  Hopefully the weather is good for an outdoor party, but if not, we’ll put the small set in our living room with the kids who want to watch, and if we run out of room, the parents can stand in the kitchen/front room that open up into the living room.  I’m not expecting that many people, so hopefully that would work out well.

Meet & Greet Photo Shoot:

Then the kids who want photos with Bean, Paris and Abyni can come up and get a hug or a handshake and we’ll take photos (Parents are welcome to take photos as well, but we’ll be taking and uploading high quality photos for parents as well)

Games for the Kids:

  • Pin the Table on the Bean
  • Bean Bag Toss*
  • Charades*

Any other ideas?  The age range of the kids is anywhere from 1-5.


We’re going to have sugar cookies or cupcakes, decorated to look like monkeys, and I want to make little sandwiches, peanut butter & banana and plain peanut butter.

And, I’m excited to make a pinata, too!  I used to make those all the time for my kids birthdays when they were younger.

Any ideas for what to put in the pinata?  Sandwiches?  What do your kids love?

I’m ordering some of these

and some of these as party favors (and to send to some of our fans who can’t attend!)

Patrick was too excited to wait, so he started practicing his balloon animal skills!

It’s a Flower!!! The party is in TWO WEEKS! I’m so excited:)

Two Weeks!  I hope we have a great turnout and all the kids have a blast!



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