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Tim’s Puppet Pals Contest Entry!

27 Sep


Kids can help Bean solve the mystery of WHO ATE ALL THE COOKIES?

A fellow puppeteer has a channel called Tim’s Puppet Pals.  Last month I noticed that they’d posted a contest for their viewers… and I got really excited:)  Abyni and I went through and watched (and rewatched) our favorite videos of theirs, trying to decide what to make as a sequel.

We finally decided to do a sequel to this video.

Abyni helped think of a plan and a script and we got to work filming!  Let us know what you think of our entry, and go check out Tim’s Puppet Pals!

Bean’s Monkey Business:  Entry for Tim’s Puppet Pals Give Away Contest.

SO… Did you LIKE it???  It was REALLY fun to make!

Thanks for watching!


Bean’s Party Pack Contest!!! FIVE Winners!

26 Sep

Five Prizes for Five Winners!!  

Yep, 5!!!

Did you enjoy Bean’s birthday videos?  Do you wish you could have been here and gotten your own party favors from Bean?  How would you like to win a birthday favor pack from Bean and a shout out just for you during our Imagination month?

There are several ways to enter and you can enter as many times as you want!  (Our email and mailing address will be in the downbar).

First!  You need to subscribe to our youtube channel!  Only subscribers can win!!!

1.  Decorate your own purple monkey cookie or cupcake and email us a photo of you with your creation. (5 pts)

2.  Create your own monkey themed party game and email us a photo/video of you showing us your game, explaining your rules, or even just your own version of the games we played at Bean’s party.  (5 pts)

3.  Create a birthday card for Bean and mail/email it to us.  (5 pts)

4.  Comment on your favorite Bean videos and tell us your favorite part.  (2 pts each)

5.  “like” our facebook page and leave us a comment on one of our posts/photos!

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Each Prize party pack will include:

  • A rubber monkey bracelet
  • A bottle of monkey bubbles
  • A stuffed colorful monkey
  • A monkey cup
  • Some balloon animal balloons for you to practice making your own balloon animals with Abyni!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!

Only subscribers can win!!!  CONTEST ENDS ON OCTOBER 20, 2012

Watch the video with your kids so they can get inspired to play along!

Bean’s Birthday Party, Part 2 & Photos with Bean:)

26 Sep

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The rest of Bean’s birthday party!  The kids helped Bean unwrap his presents, you can help guess what his presents are before he opens them!

Bean’s Birthday Party Video & Live Show

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win a birthday prize pack for your kids!

Flutterby, a Butterfly Lullaby for a Restful Naptime

25 Sep

A wonderful musician friend of mine offered to let us use this song that she wrote last year. The second that I heard it, I pictured butterflies, made of paper, gently fluttering in the wind.  The image was SO clear, that I immediately started working on the artwork.  I used pages from an old book, cut into the shapes of butterflies.  We mounted them with fishing line to some dowels and went outside to film.

One downside to living in Oklahoma, its hard to find a beautiful CALM spring breeze.  Over the next week, it seemed that the only time we had time to film, the camera was down, the wind was blowing too hard or it was too dark.

*Sigh*  As life happened, my vision for the video failed more than a little… and then we moved.  Sadly the paper butterflies didn’t make it, and never got to see the light of day.

Fast forward to yesterday, as I listened to the song again and got inspired again.  Unfortunately, it took several tries, several failed attempts, literally over 300 photos that wouldn’t work… we finally ended up using beads.  Nearly 2,000 beads, countless HOURS sitting and moving them by little increments, until I had over 400 photos… creating this as the end result.  I hope you like it, and that your child is mesmerized and ready for a nap afterwards!

My work space (I spent WAY too many hours at this table!)

Take a look at what we came up with.  Its a stop motion animation and I know you’ll love this song as much as we do!  A lullaby video for naptime!

Thank you to Sylvie Lynn!!  You can find her other music on her Myspace Page.

Bean’s Birthday Party Countdown! How to make birthday cake for kids!

20 Sep

So, as you know, we’re having a live show and birthday party for Bean on Saturday.   As part of the preparations, Abyni is teaching Bean how to make cake!  Watch this adorable video with your kids, and take the time to celebrate Bean’s Birthday with us… by making some “Bean” cupcakes, too!

Abyni explaining how to make a cake to Bean.

The recipe for white cake is really simple.  You just need flour, sugar, butter, milk, eggs & baking soda Oh, and a cake pan/cupcake pan, of course!  An oven would help, too:) Bean wants cupcakes for his birthday, but you can make any kind of cake you want!  Be sure to take pictures or video of your child watching or participating in the cake making so you can enter Bean’s Birthday Give Away Contest!

Here is the direct link to the How to Make Birthday Cake with Bean & Kids


Bean learning how to measure

Free Printable Coloring Page for Bean’s Monkey Business!

19 Sep



Print out your own free coloring page of Bean, Paris and Abyni (Click to download) Bean’s Coloring Page: Bean, Paris & Abyni.  

When your child is done coloring, scan or take a photo and upload to Bean’s facebook, or email me a copy at byn (@)

This is straight from the artwork that we’ll be using in Bean’s New Musical Intro coming next week!


We Broke 30,000 Views! Thank you!!!

18 Sep

Our youtube channel is growing quickly!  Thank you to all of our fans who are watching us regularly!  I hope to spread the word this season and really gear up with some great videos, guest spots, lots of fun, learning and MUSIC!

We did it! Next goal: 45,000 before the end of October!

We got 9,000 views over the last 30 days… I’d like to get even MORE over the next 30 days!   Do you think we can rack it up to 15,000 views in 30 days?  Its worth a shot!  I’d really like to get some new subscribers as well, and more interaction.  I just need to do some more studying and figure out what makes those things happen:)

Now that we’re starting a NEW season, help us spread the word and make Bean’s Monkey Business a success!!!

Thank you all for your wonderful support.  This has been so uplifting to get back into!  I missed Bean and our little fans:)

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