Bean’s Birthday Countdown & How to Make Balloon Animal Dog for Kids!

12 Sep

So, the party is getting closer!  

For our local friends, the party is in THREE DAYS!  Ahhhhh!!!  (lol, I almost forgot what day it is:)

On Saturday we will be having our live show.  Abyni is going to make balloon animals for the kids, and we wanted YOU to be able to make some with your kids, too, so she made a video just for you!

 For those who have trouble viewing, here is the link:  How to Make Easy Balloon Animals for Kids.

You can also look forward to several more “how to” videos to watch with your kids, so that you can have your own “Bean’s Birthday” celebration at home!

We’ll be filming this week for:

  • How to make birthday cupcakes with your children
  • How to decorate monkey cupcakes with your children
  • How to make a fun birthday card for Bean
  • A Birthday Give Away Announcement, with several fun ways to enter!

What do you think your child(ren) will enjoy the most?

What has been your favorite birthday party theme/event for your child(ren)?


We LOVE getting your comments! Thank you:)

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