Read Aloud & Children’s Book Review: I’m a Shark by Bob Shea

8 Oct

Today *J* Stopped by to read a book with Bean.  Its called “I’m a Shark” by Bob Shea.

I just randomly grabbed this book off of the library shelf… and fell in love.  I loved the illustrations at first glance.  I love all sorts of illustrations in children’s books, and I appreciate the simple drawings in this book.  They are simple and yet full of character.  The shark is just hilarious and so childlike with his/her refusal to admit fear.

I think this is a fun and silly story, that brings the topic of fear up in a completely lighthearted way.  It gives parents the opportunity to bring up a discussion of fear with kids who might be struggling with different fears.  I definitely recommend this book for all kids.  I think it would be a good book for emerging readers as well!

Look at that FABULOUS shark!  I LOVE it!

Watch the video and Read along with Bean and Jay “I’m a Shark” by Bob Shea:)


What did you think?  Did you like the book?



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