Coming up Next! More Stop Motion Animation! Hey Diddle Diddle & The Twelve Days of Christmas w/Free Printable Coloring Pages!

5 Nov

I’ve been working on new artwork for Hey Diddle Diddle (which is FINALLY finished!) and have started on The Twelve Days of Christmas.  This is a very time intensive process, but the stop motion animation videos seem to be the most popular, so I’m trying to accomplish one or two each month.  Once I have more “stock” built up with a lot of drawings, I may be able to do one a week eventually, if I can stay organized with my clip art!

Twelve Days of Christmas… not sure I was thinking this one through!

Can you find Bean the Monkey in this picture?

Hey Diddle Diddle and more!

Another step finished!


This is where I’ve been working for the past week:  On our deck, with our absolutely divine, lovely, peaceful yard.  This is the first time in our adult lives that we’ve had SUCH a nice and perfect yard!

Also, keep an eye out later this week I’ll be uploading some more free printables for you as well as a new Bean video on Thankfulness AND a Thanksgiving day craft!

I also need suggestions on what to do next with Bean the Monkey.  Thoughts?


We LOVE getting your comments! Thank you:)

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