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Bean’s Party Pack Contest!!! FIVE Winners!

26 Sep

Five Prizes for Five Winners!!  

Yep, 5!!!

Did you enjoy Bean’s birthday videos?  Do you wish you could have been here and gotten your own party favors from Bean?  How would you like to win a birthday favor pack from Bean and a shout out just for you during our Imagination month?

There are several ways to enter and you can enter as many times as you want!  (Our email and mailing address will be in the downbar).

First!  You need to subscribe to our youtube channel!  Only subscribers can win!!!

1.  Decorate your own purple monkey cookie or cupcake and email us a photo of you with your creation. (5 pts)

2.  Create your own monkey themed party game and email us a photo/video of you showing us your game, explaining your rules, or even just your own version of the games we played at Bean’s party.  (5 pts)

3.  Create a birthday card for Bean and mail/email it to us.  (5 pts)

4.  Comment on your favorite Bean videos and tell us your favorite part.  (2 pts each)

5.  “like” our facebook page and leave us a comment on one of our posts/photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each Prize party pack will include:

  • A rubber monkey bracelet
  • A bottle of monkey bubbles
  • A stuffed colorful monkey
  • A monkey cup
  • Some balloon animal balloons for you to practice making your own balloon animals with Abyni!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!

Only subscribers can win!!!  CONTEST ENDS ON OCTOBER 20, 2012

Watch the video with your kids so they can get inspired to play along!


In the Works at Bean’s Monkey Business!

21 May


As you may know, we’re MOVING!  At the moment, our house is filled with the process of packing.  Unfortunately, that makes it nearly impossible to film anything.  It will be AWESOME when we have a whole set built up at the new house, but for now, our hands are tied.


We are getting a POD storage container delivered on June 8th.  At that point, we can get rid of EVERYTHING extra and do some hardcore filming.  We want to approach the concept of dealing with change as an adventure and maybe touch on some of those things that young children really struggle with when it comes to changes in life.  We all know that we have to deal with change at some point.  Let me know what types of change your young ones are dealing with, and if there is anything that we could specifically address to help you and your child(ren) deal with upcoming changes.

Paris helping Bean learn that its okay to be different!


We also have some feelers out for more live events!  I’ve contacted the JDRF and the Buddy Walk for Down’s Syndrome (although I’m having issues finding the proper contact info, if anyone has advice on that) as well as a local children’s hospital and libraries.  We’re looking forward to volunteering our time for local events and meeting a lot of new kids!  

If you have an idea for local to the Tulsa Area events that we could participate in, please contact me via the comments or email at byn(@) 

At first they had me standing behind the desk, but most of the kids couldn’t see.


Another thing we are looking into is getting some custom plush toys made!  Our plan is to do some fundraising to get the base seed money to at least do a minimum purchase.  For sales, we would love to be able to have our process go something like this, “You buy a stuffed Bean the Monkey, and we’ll deliver one stuffed Bean to a child at the local children’s hospital.”  I’m not quite sure how to work that one, but I would LOVE to be able to take a little gift/momento to the kids that are stuck in the hospital to give them something tangible to hold on to.  We would be designing some sort of purple monkey to resemble Bean.  The biggest factor here is available funds… they’ve knocked the minimum order down to 1,000… which is good, but that is still somewhere around a $5,000.00 beginning investment.  

Our design will be decidedly more “Bean” like, and, of course, PURPLE!:)

If you have any ideas, experience with ANY of the above issues, please feel free to share!

Book Review: Baby Dolphin, How Do You Sleep? by Tamara Vellozzo

17 Apr

Book Review, “How Do You Sleep, Baby Dolphin?”

We got our book in the mail... ready to read!

I’ve received my first book to review!  I’m not receiving any compensation, just a copy of the book to read on the show and review, courtesy of the author, Tamara Vellozzo.

Baby Dolphin, How Do You Sleep is a brightly illustrated, under the sea story that reminds me that children like to imagine that even animals live like they do.  This book particularly covers bedtime routines and habits; the bedtime story, the kisses good night and even brushing your teeth before bed.

Bean points at the momma and baby finding a nice place to sleep

If your children are anything like mine were, this may lead into learning more about dolphins!  I’m sure it will bring out your child’s curiosity about what its like to be a baby dolphin.  Tamara includes a fact sheet at the end of the story to get you started.

I think this would be a great book to own to add to your own bedtime routine.  I love the rhyme and flow of the story, the calming ocean drawings and just over all cozy feel.  Reading it, even just to myself makes me think of being curled up under the covers snuggling with the kids!

Bean likes the baby's blanket...

I can’t wait to read this with Bean and the girls on the show… as soon as our NEW camera gets here!!

You can order your copy with the following links (depending on your book preference ~ mine is the paperback version!),

“How Do You Sleep, Baby Dolphin?” by Tamara Vellozzo.

Or you can find more information about Tamara through her blog

Get a Letter From Bean the Monkey!

16 Apr

This Week Only!!!

Your child can receive his/her own personalized letter from Bean and the girls.

From now until Friday, April 20th, you can sign up for your child to get a FREE personal letter and signed picture from Bean and the girls!

Just go to our facebook page and “like” us.  Then send us a private message with your child’s name, age and your snail mail address and we will send out a letter, coloring page and signed photo of Bean and the girls.

Remember, this is only until April 20th!

Signed by Bean:)


24 Mar

CONTEST: Don’t forget to leave comments on your favorite videos, as we’ll be drawing a name for a FREE Bean product for your child! Enter as many times as you like! 

Our Youtube Channel is 2 Months old today and we have nearly 2,000 views! I’m pretty happy with that, especially since the quality of our videos has increased tremendously already in that small period of time!! We have 16 subscribers, and I’m hoping that our numbers explode soon with views, likes, comments and subscribers!  

You can make your mark by hitting “like” on youtube and subscribing.  

Every comment through tomorrow at noon will earn you 1 entry for a FREE Bean Pillow Plushie for your child.  

The Prize in this Month's Drawing! A Deluxe Plushie Bean Pillow!

We’ll be filming clips all day tomorrow, with plenty of new stories, games and crafts.  Let us know what types of clips you like best.  Let us know what you would like to see that we haven’t done yet.  We’re working very hard to bring you a good show with a very restrictive set, but we think its going well in spite of those restrictions.  We would love some feedback from our fans ~~ what do your kids love the most?  What do you want to see more of?  Talk Back and Give us YOUR Opinions!

These are the most viewed videos thus far:

The Top Viewed Video is Bean, Paris and Abyni doing the “Dance Dare” from the Ellen Degeneres Show.  Of course its not viewed enough to have gotten her attention, but still:

The Next Top Viewed is our first original song, the “B” song.  I need to write some more music and I’m hoping that soon we have backup music as well!

And both of our stop motion animations seemed to have gotten a LOT of interest.  I guess this means I need to keep doing one of those each week, too?

And MY favorites?  The bloopers reels.  I just love that we can have so much fun with this… it is great to be able to laugh with my family!

Don’t forget to COMMENT AND WIN!!

Its Art AND Game Time Today!

21 Feb

Today, Paris is going to stop by to show Bean a fun activity that she created.  She is doing illustrations for a children’s picture book that I wrote about Bean meeting a new friend (who will eventually be on the show as a new character someday, once we figure out the logistics of what we’re ALREADY doing!) and today she made a coloring page for me with the main character in the book… a silly monkey!  Today they’re going to color the picture and then use it to make a puzzle!  Feel free to print out a copy for your child to color and play along!

Paris' first coloring page!

Guys, we have had so many technical difficulties these last couple of weeks (Our camera that Patrick has fixed and refixed several times keeps quitting on us and then I knocked over some lights and broke them… it hasn’t been pretty!)  We are already working with low quality equipment and a non existent budget, so this is NOT acceptable!!) , and that being said, I am really proud of how this clip turned out!  It is a little longer than the 5 minutes I’m generally shooting for, because we combined two clips.  This is both “Art Fun” AND “Play Time” and I really feel like we did a really good job with the B Roll footage this time.

*ETA:  Finally got the link uploaded and watched it to see an unexpected “behind the scenes” clip that wasn’t supposed to be in there!  OOPS!!  I then spent far too long trying to fix it, but it SHOULD be okay now.  *Sigh* 

Having problems viewing?  The direct link is here

What do you think?  Did you like it?  Am I getting better???  This editing thing is not my strong suit!  Learning new software is definitely not my strong suit!

If your child enjoyed coloring time with Bean, please send me a photo of their coloring project!  I’ll feature it on a future show and give them a shout out.  I love to include my fans on the show:)

Lots and Lots of Sewing!

4 Feb

My kitchen table currently looks like this:

Paris, Abyni and I have spent a LOT of time cutting, sewing and tracing patterns that I made last week!

We have several designs and things ready to sew up next week!!

We’re gearing up for some fun GIVE AWAYS!!!

With lots of VARIETY in Patterns, Colors and Lots of Soft, Snuggly, Cuddly Toys and Beankets for your children to play with and love!!

Here are a few of our current colors and patterns that we’re working with.  We also have some more blues and greens, forest-leafy fabrics, colorful animal print and bright stripes.  Keep an eye out for our new products.

I am having a BLAST designing new things and thinking of things that kids will love!:)

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