Exciting Future Plans for BMB!!!

The Future is Near!

As some of you know, we are currently trying to get a Kickstarter project under way.  We are in dire need of funds to take this project to the level we want it to be.  For those of you visiting from Kickstarter, this is the place that I’ve decided to condense down some of the plans we have for the future.

First, of course, we already have Bean, based on Abyni.  Sweet, silly and happy, the youngest of the bunch.  Bean loves to learn and play.

Mae Mae:  Based on my daughter Paris, who is (personality wise) my little ‘mini me’.  She’s bright and colorful with a lot of talents.  She’s all girl, loves sparkly things and will bring her love of all things art and creativity to the show.  I can NOT seem to get a character just right for her!!  I’ve drawn several things, and none of them “fit”. I want her to be a character that people generally think of as mean… Mae Mae will be somewhat brash, but also a little unsure of who she wants to be.  She’ll appear often trying to be ‘someone else’, dressed up as a peacock one week, because she wants to be “the pretty one” etc.  She’ll be the one that learns that its okay to be different, and its okay to just be yourself.

Nancy, the sloth that morphed into a chameleon instead! (Don't blame me, I'm an artist, I change my mind sometimes when things finally get put down on paper!

Nancy:  Based, oddly enough, on my son Jaedin (inside joke between him and his brother… I don’t know, but they seem to find it funny).  Nancy will be a braniac.  She’ll be the one who brings science experiments and teaches “big” words to the kids.  She’ll probably also introduce many of the numbers and critical thinking concepts as well.

Wouldn't this be the BEST LIFE SIZED character?? A sweet, loveable HUGE puppet!?!?!

SquatchMo: Based on my 16 year old son, Kainan (whose favorite color is and has almost always been hot pink… he even has his HAIR dyed hot pink as often as I’m willing to dye it for him!:).  I would LOVE to have this be a full size “Big Bird” type puppet that would actually be worn by someone, but I’m not sure how realistic that is in this stage of the game.  Its just an idea that’s developing as I go.  I’ll be looking into it more.  Squatch is a big oaf, stronger than he realizes, but super tenderhearted and apologetic if he inadvertently hurts anyone with his big hugs.  He plays ball, loves sports of all kinds and is really good at naps, so he’ll spend time with the younger ones sometimes with helpful hints on relaxing, going to sleep, having quiet time, etc.

A work in progress... I want lots of colors, but I can't get the tail feathers right... hmmm, back to the drawing board!

Squee:  Squee is based on my daughter, Sprite, who actually doesn’t have much of any nicknames… I mean come on, when your name is Sprite, you don’t really need a nickname!  Sprite is going to be the boisterous, loud and funny bird.  She’ll be super colorful, super friendly and a great “nanny” on the show.  She’s all “grown up” but still a kid at heart.  She’ll do story times, teach the kids how to be nice, share, get along, and work through problems with them.


The current ‘Bean’s Monkey Business’ set will stay basically the same theme, only made quite a bit larger and slightly so that the puppeteers don’t have to squish cross legged on the floor to work (let me tell you, that is UNcomfortable!).  Bean’s room will be the place for playtime, story time and nap time.

Paris' first illustration for her upcoming picture book.

Jungle: We’re going to have an “Imagination Time” with Bean where he remembers back to when he lived in the jungle.  We’re going to build a jungle set with all the bright rain forest colors and green leaves, and it will be a standing set, so Bean will be able to really move around a lot more and have some fun adventures.

A Kitchen:  Where the characters and kids can learn simple cooking fun, table manners and have a better place to do crafts at the table.  We can learn about putting things away when we’re done and being a good helper.

A Green Screen:  This set will allow us to place all the characters in computer-generated environments and against virtual backdrops.  The things we will use this set for will vary greatly over time.


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