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Stop Motion Animation: Hey Diddle Diddle w/Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

6 Nov

So here is the set up for our stop motion animation.  The lighting issue is far different than it is with shooting live shows with Bean, but thankfully, my husband rocks and sets it up for me.

Without further ado, here is our little stop motion short for Hey Diddle Diddle!

Here is the free printable coloring page, so that your child can make their own “Hey Diddle Diddle” picture!  coloring-page-diddle

A Preview of your coloring page!

Coming soon:  The Twelve Days of Christmas AND The Alphabet Song!

Nine Ladies Danging, Seven Swans a Swimming, Six Geese a Laying!


Youtube News for Bean’s Monkey Business

9 Jul

After two months of the stress of MOVING (and no, we haven’t even closed yet) and some health issues that have come up for me, causing even MORE stress…

I just happened to look at Bean’s Monkey Business youtube channel last night. I have 10,000 views. Well, last night it was CLOSE, but today it’s actually OVER 10K.

My silly little stop motion animation of the Old MacDonald Had a Farm has over 5,000 views. 4,337 of those views are from the last 30 days!

I discovered that around June 17th, my daily view count went from 40-50 to over 300 almost every day, consistently. And I haven’t even uploaded new content for TWO MONTHS!

I went and monetized a few of the more popular videos with all original content because Paris monetized hers and made $25.00 fairly quickly.

I CAN NOT WAIT TO MOVE AND GET FILMING AGAIN!!! I am getting really excited about having a real puppet set so that Bean can “walk” and move from room to room. I have some super exciting ideas about making sleeves with “Bean’s” hands/gloves on the end, so that for B roll footage, Abyni can put her hands in the sleeves and it will allow us to have Bean do more things with his hands. Count on his fingers, play with play dough, paint, hold someone’s hand on a field trip, etc.  Won’t that be FUN???

I would so love for this to be something that becomes a source of income for us at some point.

I am also really looking forward to doing more live shows.

Anyway, just a weird, random thing that I suddenly decided to look at.

I can’t wait to get back to having fun with my girls and Bean!!!

Stop Motion Animation: Take One! The Itsy Bitsy Spider

26 Feb

Awww... The Itsy Bitsy Spider needs something to do!

My first attempt at ‘stop motion animation’!

I got a brain storm today and made a stop motion animation animation for “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” for our show & blog.  I know its not perfect (we don’t have a working tripod at the moment, so it was hard to get it right) but I still had fun doing it.  What do you guys think?  

Any other children’s nursery rhymes or songs  (Within the public domain) that I should do? 


And washes the spider out!

Out Comes the Sun!

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