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Bean’s Party Pack Contest!!! FIVE Winners!

26 Sep

Five Prizes for Five Winners!!  

Yep, 5!!!

Did you enjoy Bean’s birthday videos?  Do you wish you could have been here and gotten your own party favors from Bean?  How would you like to win a birthday favor pack from Bean and a shout out just for you during our Imagination month?

There are several ways to enter and you can enter as many times as you want!  (Our email and mailing address will be in the downbar).

First!  You need to subscribe to our youtube channel!  Only subscribers can win!!!

1.  Decorate your own purple monkey cookie or cupcake and email us a photo of you with your creation. (5 pts)

2.  Create your own monkey themed party game and email us a photo/video of you showing us your game, explaining your rules, or even just your own version of the games we played at Bean’s party.  (5 pts)

3.  Create a birthday card for Bean and mail/email it to us.  (5 pts)

4.  Comment on your favorite Bean videos and tell us your favorite part.  (2 pts each)

5.  “like” our facebook page and leave us a comment on one of our posts/photos!

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Each Prize party pack will include:

  • A rubber monkey bracelet
  • A bottle of monkey bubbles
  • A stuffed colorful monkey
  • A monkey cup
  • Some balloon animal balloons for you to practice making your own balloon animals with Abyni!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!

Only subscribers can win!!!  CONTEST ENDS ON OCTOBER 20, 2012

Watch the video with your kids so they can get inspired to play along!


Bean’s Birthday Party! Our first Live Show with a Puppet Set

18 Sep

Bean getting the kids all excited, playing “Bean Says”

Bean had his first live birthday party!  Although I did learn a lot from it (and what I need to do differently next time), I think it went fairly well.

The kids had fun and the little girls left playing with their own little stuff “Bean” monkeys.  It was so so sweet!

We had a table set up so that Paris could do facepainting, and a bunch of balloons for making balloon animals with the kids in the living room.  This kept the kids occupied while we waited for all of the guests to arrive.  

Here is the video of Part 1:  Happy Birthday & A Birthday Game!

To make you’re own Birthday Game, just take a piece of foam core board or use a cardboard display board from a discount store.  You can cut holes different sizes and then grab a bag of wiffle balls or bean bags from the Dollar Tree and you’re off!  We didn’t play a terribly organized game, with the huge variation in ages, we just didn’t have the ability this time.  The point was for the kids to have  fun anyway.

Our Purple Monkey Game

You can decorate your game to fit your theme, we obviously used purple monkeys.  Thanks to Paris for making the game boards for us!

Just a quick painting on a display board!

Our “game time” got a little chaotic.  Paris and Abyni haven’t been in charge of a kids birthday party, and both Patrick and I were otherwise occupied.  Next time we’ll make more solid plans for Abyni & Paris so that they know what to do and we can be more organized.  Its been so long since *I* threw a young kids event, that I forgot how much there is to do DURING the games!

Here are some more videos that you can look forward to this week:

  • How to Bake Cupcakes for Bean’s Birthday

  • How to Decorate Purple Monkey Cupcakes for Bean’s Birthday

  • Can YOU Guess what Bean is getting for his Birthday? (& more game ideas)

  • AND, a CONTEST!!!  Your child can win a special Bean’s Birthday Party Favor Pack from the real birthday party!:)

Details later this week!

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