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Stop Motion Animation: Hey Diddle Diddle w/Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

6 Nov

So here is the set up for our stop motion animation.  The lighting issue is far different than it is with shooting live shows with Bean, but thankfully, my husband rocks and sets it up for me.

Without further ado, here is our little stop motion short for Hey Diddle Diddle!

Here is the free printable coloring page, so that your child can make their own “Hey Diddle Diddle” picture!  coloring-page-diddle

A Preview of your coloring page!

Coming soon:  The Twelve Days of Christmas AND The Alphabet Song!

Nine Ladies Danging, Seven Swans a Swimming, Six Geese a Laying!


Imagination Boxes! Bean the Monkey Learns About Imagination!

9 Oct

Abyni shows Bean how to use boxes to play imagination games!


Watch Bean and Abyni ride in a boat, a car and an airplane!  Imagination Win!

What are your kids’ favorite imaginary games to play?

Post your photos of your child playing their favorite imaginary game on our facebook page!

Bean’s Birthday Week! Bloopers & Getting Ready!

17 Sep

Bean learning how to measure

Well, that was a fail.  I got all but one part of the video done… but I can’t replace the missing B-Roll footage until tomorrow.  Its amazing how one little missing clip of Bean pouring sugar into the mixing bowl messes up the whole video!

Oh well!  This gives you the opportunity to make sure that you have the ingredients to make cupcakes along with Bean tomorrow!

Let’s make CUPCAKES! YAY!!!

This is what you’ll need:

1 cup sweetener (we used xylitol instead)

1/2 cup softened butter 

2 eggs

2 tsp vanilla (psst!  We actually used orange flavoring because we discovered we were out of vanilla.  It tasted great:)

1 1/2 cups of flour

1/2 cup of milk

1 3/4 tsp. of baking powder (another flub that I actually left in, Abyni said, “baking soda” so I edited with text over.

See you tomorrow with the “How To” video!  Come and watch while Abyni teaches Bean how to make his own cupcakes!  Here is the hilarious blooper reel!

Coming Soon!

Bean’s Birthday Party!

Bean getting the kids all excited, playing “Bean Says”

Let’s Dye Easter Eggs! Learn How to get a Marble Finish on Your eggs and Glitter!

4 Apr

Abyni helps Bean the monkey learn how to dye Easter eggs with a marble texture and then they add glitter!  This is an awesome Easter egg project that your kids will enjoy doing along with Bean.  All you need is water, oil and food coloring.  We had a bit of a chore getting the eggs to stay down with the small mouthed jars we used, because we’re slightly challenged dishes-wise around here.

To empty out your egg shells, gently poke a hole in each of the egg with a sharp knife, then blow on one end and the egg will come out the other end.  

Tap GENTLY to make a hole in both ends. I usually make one hole a little bigger like this one, and the one on the top smaller.

Some of my kids found this fun, some found it gross... make sure your child is old enough to know not to inhale the raw egg! Blow to clear the shell. Then rinse out the egg.

To hand the eggs, cut toothpicks in half, tie a string in the middle.  Stick the toothpick through the hole in the egg, then gently pull on the string until the toothpick “catch” and will hold the egg like an ornament.

Like so...

Poke the toothpick into the top hole on your egg.

Viola! We're ready to dye and hang!

Then you’re ready for Dying!  Follow along with Bean and Abyni as they have fun dying their eggs!  Next I’ll post about Bean and Paris decorating the tree and learning to count to Eleven!  Let Bean and Paris help teach your child how to count to 11.

One of our finished eggs!

It’s *E* week!! Let’s Paint some Glittery Easter Eggs!

2 Apr

Today we’re going to be making Easter ornaments for our Easter Tree. 

Homemade Easter "eggs"

When I was growing up, my mother loved decorating for the holidays, and for Easter, we always had an Easter Tree.  When my kids were little, we did it for years as well… but apparently they don’t remember!  

Anyway, you just get a branch that has fallen off of a tree and put it in a pot with some gravel, decorative rocks or sand.  That will hold up your “tree”.  Patrick was a little overly ambitious and got us a branch that was so big, it was nearly a tree in and of itself!  

Today we’re painting homemade clay ornaments using the play dough that we made in this post.  We rolled out the dough, cut it into egg shapes with a cookie cutter, then used a straw to cut holes for the string and baked them on lost (200) in our toaster oven.  Don’t bake it at any higher than that or they’ll probably burn.  Also, lightly oil your cooking sheet.  Since we used our little toaster oven, I just put the ornaments straight on the rack.

Then, get out your markers, paint or… like Bean, your glue and glitter for decorating!  Watch Bean learn about painting with glue in Today’s Video!

Glittery Easter "Egg" Ornaments!

Stay Tuned!  Tomorrow we’re dying eggs to hang on the tree!

Later this week, we’ll learn how to draw an Easter bunny with Paris and learn to count to Eleven AND read a story about Elephant and Piggie by Mo Willems!!

Free Coloring Pages: Old MacDonald Had a Farm

21 Mar

Have your child draw a barn or a field or any kind of 'home' for the animals.

Hey guys!  Did your child(ren) enjoy the stop motion animation for “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”?  If so, they can now print out and color their own animals.  This is a good way for them to learn the different animals and the sounds they make.  You can have them practice cutting, or cut them out for them… and they can make their own barn/field for the animals to be in.  Use this as a fun activity or art project.  Children can glue the animals in their respective places (draw a pig pen for the pig, a fence for the cow… a nest for the bird, etc) or just leave them free as they sing along or act out different scenarios.

The Direct Link is HERE

  Here are your printable pages for coloring, cutting and playing!!

Just click here:  oldmacdonald

Paris Teaches How to Draw a Simple & Easy Monkey for Kids!

14 Mar

Since Paris was the one who created today’s episode clip, I thought I’d have her blog about it:

Blog Post by Paris Always

See? I can be silly, too:)

Hi guys!  Its Paris here.  Today I am going to show Bean and the kids how to draw my super easy monkey that I created for the printable coloring page a couple of weeks ago.  Did your kids enjoy the coloring page or the drawing lesson more?  Would you like me to make more coloring pages?  I love hearing from my mom when your kids really like my artwork.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t like compliments?  And seeing pictures of the kids watching the show?  OMG, seriously, I could just cry they are SO CUTE!!!

Anyway, today is just a fun and easy drawing lesson that I really had fun with.   Bean is just TOO cute!  I can’t tell you how much I forget that Bean is a puppet!!  Enjoy! 

Here is the Direct Link


Tomorrow we’re posting the stop motion animation that mom, Abyni and I made for “Old MacDonald Had a Farm!”

I drew all of the background myself and designed some of the animals, like the pig, bluebird and the duck. (Paris)

Here I am, giving Bean a hug before naptime.

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