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Imagination & Costumes or Dress Up? Make-up Tutorials for Princesses & Zombies!

15 Oct

I know there are many opinions on Halloween, but whether or not you agree with celebrating that holiday, there is no question that kids love to play dress up and pretend.  My kids have always enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be someone or something else, regardless of the day or time of year.

How I wish I still had the photo of my husband with Sprite’s plastic princess crown and dangly clip on earrings!!!  You know that photo would be posted everywhere by now!:)

The boys as Jedi Knights for a Costume Party

Abyni as Snow White

Paris as Punky Brewster

Here I am, dressed as Cruella DeVille with the boys. I think Kainan was the Matrix dude and Jaedin was The Crocodile Hunter

Now the kids are older, and boy have they stepped up their game.  Paris is doing youtube tutorials for Halloween this year and she learned some amazing techniques for Zombie makeup as well as doing some really fun “Princess” type tutorials as well.  Check out Paris’ Makeup Youtube Channel.

The other night, the three youngest kids went to a Monster Bash Costume Party and left the house looking like THIS:


If you’re more of the horror movie genre of costuming, you’ll love this “Zombie” style makeup tutorial:

If you’re more of a Princess type… check these out:

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Bloopers and the Fun of Being a Puppet

10 Oct

Paris and Abyni cracking up when Paris’ phone rang in the middle of filming.


One of my favorite things about any movie/tv show is the blooper reel.  I love seeing the ‘real’ people come out and laugh at themselves.

Its time for bloopers again.  In part because Abyni and Patrick (our camera and lighting guy and all around amazing husband:) are sick.  Plus the fact that in spite of the sick, Patrick worked a nearly 14 hour day yesterday because of the people who called in ‘sick’ on the heaviest day of the week for mail (coupon day and the day after a holiday).  I was not thrilled to see him feeling so crappy last night:(

Anyway, because Abyni has spent the day coughing, and Patrick is up for another long day at work, I decided to work on artwork for another stop motion animation AND upload the blooper reel for some laughs.

Here Paris and Abyni are cracking up over Abyni making a silly face when she didn’t think the camera was on yet.

Running Bean’s Monkey Business is a lot of work.  It really takes a LOT of my time. Often the girls have to film when they might want to be doing something else, or they’re not in the mood… but they do it anyway because we’re all very invested in making this work and become something big.  

However, MOST of the time it is just plain FUN.  Even if we’re not in the mood when we start (I’ve been dealing with some pretty hardcore depression these past several months), once we get going and Bean is here, we all just relax and have fun with it.  I could have the same amount of bloopers and laughter videos as I do “real” videos because we are continually cracking each other up, making a silly mistake or just laughing at something goofy that someone did.

Here is Abyni cracking up because Paris (who is on a rolling ‘bed’ with Bean) keeps bumping into her chair when she tries to ‘walk’ bean around her.

I hope you can enjoy laughing with us (or at us) as you watch our most recent blooper video.  I am truly blessed to have a “job” that I love so much… even if it doesn’t pay anything yet!


Imagination Boxes! Bean the Monkey Learns About Imagination!

9 Oct

Abyni shows Bean how to use boxes to play imagination games!


Watch Bean and Abyni ride in a boat, a car and an airplane!  Imagination Win!

What are your kids’ favorite imaginary games to play?

Post your photos of your child playing their favorite imaginary game on our facebook page!

Bean’s Birthday Week! Bloopers & Getting Ready!

17 Sep

Bean learning how to measure

Well, that was a fail.  I got all but one part of the video done… but I can’t replace the missing B-Roll footage until tomorrow.  Its amazing how one little missing clip of Bean pouring sugar into the mixing bowl messes up the whole video!

Oh well!  This gives you the opportunity to make sure that you have the ingredients to make cupcakes along with Bean tomorrow!

Let’s make CUPCAKES! YAY!!!

This is what you’ll need:

1 cup sweetener (we used xylitol instead)

1/2 cup softened butter 

2 eggs

2 tsp vanilla (psst!  We actually used orange flavoring because we discovered we were out of vanilla.  It tasted great:)

1 1/2 cups of flour

1/2 cup of milk

1 3/4 tsp. of baking powder (another flub that I actually left in, Abyni said, “baking soda” so I edited with text over.

See you tomorrow with the “How To” video!  Come and watch while Abyni teaches Bean how to make his own cupcakes!  Here is the hilarious blooper reel!

Coming Soon!

Bean’s Birthday Party!

Bean getting the kids all excited, playing “Bean Says”

Just for Fun: Let’s Learn our Alphabet for Bean with A.D.D. ABCs

5 May

Paris is still trying to get Bean to sleep when he suggests playing the “ABC Game” and then proceeds to get distracted over every few letters.  Just a fun, silly ‘learning’ time!

Oh, Bean!

Hey! Let’s play the QUIET GAME!!!

Have fun learning how to say your ABC’s… at least until its “T” time!

Let’s Learn About “Different” with Paris on the new kids show “Bean’s Monkey Business”

3 May

Paris has made a BIG change!  Not only did she get her braces off, but she ALSO changed her hair.  Bean is so surprised by it, he doesn’t quite know what to think!

We were actually going to have Bean get upset and use it as an opportunity to show kids that just because someone changes their look, it doesn’t change who they are… as well as what we look like doesn’t define who we are… but Paris was seriously getting really upset at the thought of Bean being upset with her that I finally decided to take a different tack this time.  We’ll worry about the other concept later!

Oh, Bean!

Here is the video of Bean seeing Paris’ new synthetic, colorful dreads for the first time!

Do you think your kids will like Paris’ new look?

Friday Funnies!!! Paris Thinks Bean is Real (we don’t use the word Muppet or Puppet!)

27 Apr

Yesterday we were trying to get the new camera set up to film, and Paris was sitting on the chair with Bean getting ready to film.  She was trying to fix Bean’s toes, when Bean piped up and says, “What are you doing?  Are you massaging my FEET?”

Paris and Bean counting all "16" of his toes!

Then they progressed to toe counting, and as anyone who has been around little kids knows, sometimes they can be very determined about being right, even when they’re not.  The adorable hilarity that ensued is a must see!  Watch Paris and Bean hilariously trying to learn to count his toes.

Do you have any silly family videos?  Please share… we LOVE to laugh!!

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