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Stop Motion Animation: Hey Diddle Diddle w/Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

6 Nov

So here is the set up for our stop motion animation.  The lighting issue is far different than it is with shooting live shows with Bean, but thankfully, my husband rocks and sets it up for me.

Without further ado, here is our little stop motion short for Hey Diddle Diddle!

Here is the free printable coloring page, so that your child can make their own “Hey Diddle Diddle” picture!  coloring-page-diddle

A Preview of your coloring page!

Coming soon:  The Twelve Days of Christmas AND The Alphabet Song!

Nine Ladies Danging, Seven Swans a Swimming, Six Geese a Laying!


Kickstarter Update & Bean’s Old MacDonald Had a Farm Stop Motion Animation

15 Mar

Today is the day that I FINALLY managed to complete the Old MacDonald Had a Farm Stop Motion animation!  We had all of the drawings done and water got spilled on them, ruining them all.  So, we finally got them remade, and here you have it!

Our kickstarter project to raise money to take this ‘Monkey Business’ to the next level is floundering a bit.  Even in you can only pledge a dollar or two, we would greatly appreciate the support.  You can find more details about our plans here at Bean’s Monkey Business Kickstarter.  Even if you can’t afford to donate (I, of all people can understand that!), if you could help spread the word via facebook, twitter and stumbleupon, we would love you even more!

Bean’s Monkey Business: Claymation & B-I-N-G-O Was his Name-Oh!

28 Feb

last weekend I had a sudden burst of inspiration and made a stop motion animation for “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and posted it on youtube.  I was fairly happy with how it turned out, and of course learned some things NOT to do next time!   

Down comes the rain!

Last night I had another sudden burst of inspiration and thought I’d make a claymation video!  I looked on the show schedule and saw that I already had “Make homemade playdough” on the schedule for this week… so here it is!  

My video for today is a claymation version of the song B-I-N-G-O!!  I hope you enjoy it!

To Make Home Made Play Dough:  I used this recipe

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I REALLY struggled with the BINGO song!!  I didn’t think about the fact that as of now, I’m still using free movie editing software, and I’m not all that great at it.  Its fairly difficult to adjust the speeds to really fit the music.  As a matter of fact, I will probably take this video down sooner than later because its frustrating me.  However, both of the girls are sick, so I can’t really make a different video right now anyway.  So, if you want to watch just for the trainwreck, here is the Direct Link.

So, I guess its all right for a first try.  I get so frustrated with myself when something doesn’t work the way I want it to.  I am struggling to be better about beating myself up when something doesn’t turn out just right.  How about you?  Are you hard on yourself?

See? I even TRIED the bouncing heart over the letters. That was a bit of a fail.

Bean’s Monkey Business: Singing Time ~~ Let’s Make Drums!

27 Feb

Yay!  Drums!!

In keeping with our theme this week, we’re going to make some home made drums to play today!  I’m finding that I’m combining things that before now were separate videos.  I guess this means that there will be less than 5 videos a week OR I need to write some new material:)

All you need is some paper, glue, scissors and an old oatmeal box or container from some protein powder or something.

This is a super simple project, and we plan to make a new instrument each week until we have a whole “band” ready.  My kids always loved making and playing on pretend instruments, I hope yours will too!

Having trouble viewing?  Here is the Direct Link!

I apologize in advance for getting the “Drumming Song” in your head.  If it helps, its been tormenting me since I wrote it!  I feel bad for Barney’s creator now.

Oatmeal and Isagenix (So glad I finally found a use for at least one of those containers!)

In other instrument related news, we finally found (and had money for) a keyboard!!  Its a used keyboard that we found on Craigslist (my hubby is sooo great at finding these things!), but it works, and it is ours!

I even got the space in the bedroom cleaned out for it today, in the midst of doing about 10 other things.  Is anyone else a little bit A.D.D.?  Seriously, I am SO bad.  I just remembered that I needed to call my hubby, but I left my phone by the stove.  I went to the stove and forgot the phone, but remembered that I was going to soak some beans for dinner.  Then I realized I was cold, so I went to the bathroom to get my robe, but I just went to the bathroom instead.  Then back to the computer… where I remembered that I needed to call Patrick.  Back to the stove, where I stirred the beans, then washed a pan since I put too many beans in one pan.  OH!  The PHONE!  The phone was in our box of eggs.  (I know, go figure. )  Then I realized that I can’t call my hubby at work, or rather I shouldn’t, so I used the home phone to call my cell phone, which I just found this morning and now its lost again.  Ugh!  Speaking of which, I did stop in the middle of that whole blathering on to actually call him, but he didn’t answer.  I’m stressing a little bit because he’s supposed to take our son to work at 3:00… and its now 2:19.  And he has to come home and load up equipment first!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Oh!  And one other thing, we had our first give away on youtube, and our fan who posted the video on our facebook was the winner!  Thank you to Paris for sewing it!!

Paris and Bean holding Xander's new Beanket right before we boxed it up!

Here it is, wrapped up and everything:)

Stop Motion Animation: Take One! The Itsy Bitsy Spider

26 Feb

Awww... The Itsy Bitsy Spider needs something to do!

My first attempt at ‘stop motion animation’!

I got a brain storm today and made a stop motion animation animation for “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” for our show & blog.  I know its not perfect (we don’t have a working tripod at the moment, so it was hard to get it right) but I still had fun doing it.  What do you guys think?  

Any other children’s nursery rhymes or songs  (Within the public domain) that I should do? 


And washes the spider out!

Out Comes the Sun!

Hey Guys! Its Monday and time for Story Time AND Singing Time!

20 Feb

Abyni stops by to sing a book to Bean.

Yep, you heard me!  Today we’re going to sing a book.

When I was growing up, my mom used to always sing this book to me.  She had a habit of getting more and more into it, we’d drum on our knees, on the bed, on the table… wherever we were, getting all wound up to the very end of the book… which I definitely remember as being longer than it really is.  I have a feeling that she might have been winging it for part of the book, drawing it out, and as I was so involved in the song, I didn’t notice that she wasn’t turning the pages…

I know she probably did that, because that’s what *I* did when my kids were little.

Here is the Direct Link to today’s video

What is your silliest reading time story?  Do you have a story that always draws you in… one that really makes you let go and run with it?

Tell me YOUR favorite read aloud stories!

Let’s Play Dress Up & Rap! (And let’s talk about kids’ favorite books and story)

15 Feb

You’ve probably not seen many sillier things than a rapping purple monkey trying to beat box:)

Bean plays Dress Up with Paris and Abyni

As always, if you have trouble viewing in your mobile device, here is the direct link

What are your children’s favorite dress up games?

In the past year, Paris and Abyni have mainly played “British Tea Party”, an occasional hip hop inspired theme night, mermaid (whenever we were near a pool, they turned into mermaids as soon as they got wet) and sometimes just random scenes they saw on a movie.

Other than that, they often have girl’s nights together (which I think is fabulous for sisterly bonding time… a bit more special than *just* hanging out), where one of them is the “host” and waits on the other person, surprising them with a meal, a movie and a game of choice (a main favorite seems to be Rockstar Makeover, Fashion Show or Blind Makeovers) or they might do fancy spa days (during which I am often a lucky guest!).

Ready for some tea, my deah?

When they were younger, I think it was mostly Sprite (our oldest) who mostly drove the game themes.  She has SUCH a great imagination!!  She is really creative and is very good at bringing all the kids together into her imaginary games.  I hope my kids always remember how much of a wonderful time they had because of her playing make believe with them for years!

Some of Sprite’s favorite games to play with her siblings were orphan (don’t blame me!  She read a book series about orphans and it set things off!  You don’t know how troubling it is to hear your kids ~ who can REALLY ACT in the yard crying, “MOMMY, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US!!!  WE’LL BE GOOD… PLEASE *sobbing* PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE WHY!!!!?!?!?!?!”), Mermaids (oh, wait, that was a favorite of Paris and Abyni’s even through this past summer!) and Little House on the Prairie.

This is going to be an odd segue, but talking about my kids imaginary games, they were SO SO influenced by the reading we did.  The kids and I LOVED read aloud time.  I loved the chance to jump into several characters and use my different voices.  They became so absorbed, that most of my kids still have a love of reading just for fun.  I think read alouds are one of the best things you can do with your kids.  I’m actually thinking of recording some chapter books, but I’m not sure if I’d have too many copyright issues.  I LOVE reading aloud to kids, though… hmmmm…

When they were younger, our family favorite books were:

Picture Books:

Cover of "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (Bri...

Cover via Amazon

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins (that was also MY favorite book when I was growing up because my mom always sang it to me instead of reading it!)

Learning to Read/Reading Together:

Dr. Seuss, of course!  The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and the Cat in the Hat Comes Back (It is very important that I tell you that the Cat has a British Accent, and the fish has a French one!)

The Little Red Hen (we always did a unit study on this, they learned to read a simplified recipe, learned to measure and made bread all by themselves at age 5-6!)

Little Critter’s Books by Mercer Mayer.  (I loved these as much as the kids.  The illustrations are still some of my favorites, and the kids loved being able to read most, if not all of the story themselves!)

Read Aloud Stories:

Pretty much anything Roald Dahl, but our favorites were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda.  We did read a ton of them though, and I think we reread Charlie and the Chocolate Factory more than most!

A.A. Milne, his stories and poetry (*Note: these were always read with a British accent as well… wait, now that I mention it, most of our read alouds were with a British accent.)

(a little bit more for the older kids, but my younger kids were always in the room listening while they played)

Red Dog by Bill Wallace

The Narnia Books (oh my word, I must confess that I did NOT care for these books, I know, I know.  They even have a British accent and everything, but I always fell asleep whilst reading.  I finally borrowed them from the library in audio book form until they were old enough to read themselves!)

Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and Robin Hood by Howard Pyle (I found these to be hard to get through sometimes, but they were fun, they just took a bit of extra thought for me:) and to this day my boys always answer with these in a heartbeat when I ask them what their favorite books were!)

Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare

What are Your kid’s favorite read alouds?  Do you read with accents and different character voices?  Would you be interested in hearing more read aloud with chapter books in the future?

Really... my kids LOVE reading!

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