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A Wedding, A Cake, Family and A Break

22 Oct

Okay, I hadn’t planned on taking a break this week, but life has interfered a little bit.

My oldest daughter, Sprite is getting married on Sunday and I am making her cake. 

Here is Sprite, my oldest, teaching Bean how to juggle.


I’ve decorated cakes before, but this is my first wedding cake (so yeah, I’m a little stressed) and in addition to that, we’re of course going to be having company in the form of several out of state relatives coming over.

That means I need to get busy and actually finish some more of these in progress house projects we have going.  Paris and I are working on finishing up The Avengers Custom Painted Bathroom.  I am painting the kitchen, Patrick is putting up the cool tiles for the back splash, and we finished our pink and brown deck this weekend.

My Favorite Deck EVER!:)

So, to tide you over in case I don’t find time for filming this week, here is a video of my aforementioned oldest daughter teaching Bean How to Juggle for Kids.

I’d love to hear what you’d like to see on the show in the coming months!


The Best Father’s Day Gift So Far!

12 Jun

Father’s Day 2008

I wish that I had taken the time to make one of these each year, because it is amazing me how much these kids have changed in just four years!  Kainan and Jaedin both still had their little boy voices, Abyni and Paris have changed SO much… and Sprite is all grown up and doesn’t even live in the same state as us anymore!  To refresh your memory, you may want to go see their NOW photos.

Make a list of questions for your kids and video their answers for ANY holiday, for ANY reason.  It is an amazing gift, even for THEM!

If there isn’t a father in the picture… just take the holiday and rename it Kid’s Day or Family Day (because family doesn’t always mean that there will be a Dad in the picture, unfortunately) and ask questions like:

What is your favorite part about our family?

What was Your Favorite Memory from this year/ever?

What was your favorite vacation memory?

What makes you/your siblings/your parent happiest?

What is the funniest story you remember your parent telling you?

What do you think your parent(s) were like as a child/children?

What do you want to do when you grow up?

What kind of questions can you think of?  

I loved finding out what specific things they were thankful for!  I think I might make one of these for ME for MY birthday… and make the kids participate and say nice things about me:)

Sprite Meets Bean and Gives us a Lesson on How to Juggle!

5 Apr

My oldest daughter Sprite finally made it over to visit with Bean and be on the show.  Sprite works with kids and is really awesome at what she does, she is such a child at heart and it is so amazing to watch her with kids.  She just lights up, as you’ll see… she’s a complete natural and I can’t believe she’s moving AWAY this week:(.  My first baby to leave the nest!  

Watch the fun as she tries to teach Bean how to juggle EGGS!!!  Will she make a mess all over Bean’s room?  Will she impress Bean with her mad juggling skills?  Watch as Sprite Teaches Bean How to Juggle!

Join me for a Family Friendly Blog Hop!

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Fantastic Fun Easter Hunt Tradition for Kids!

22 Mar

As we approach the Easter holiday, I am reminded of our long standing Easter Tradition of the Clue Hunt.

Our sweet 2 year old Abyni finds her basket in the van!

It all started with Jaedin’s obsession with Blue’s Clues as a toddler.  When Easter rolled around 1999, I decided to take the Easter Egg hunt to a new level.  I made 10 “clue” cards for each child.  Jaedin was 2 1/2, so his clue cards just had pictures on them.  For instance, the first card would have a picture of a refrigerator.  He would go to the refrigerator and look for his next card.  All of his cards had a Blue’s Clues paw print on them so that he would know they were his.  Kainan’s had Thomas the Tank Engine on his, and Sprite’s just had a big “S” on them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since Sprite was bigger, hers had written out clues on them.  Each card led to the next card which eventually led them to their Easter Box.

One of the most memorable years was when I buried the boys boxes in the backyard.  Their second to the last clue had kid sized gardening tools for digging and their boxes were sealed tight and buried somewhere near the swingset.  A “treasure map” led to the X where they were to dig.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t checked the weather!  It rained SO hard that night, we couldn’t tell where I had dug the night before!  We had an interesting time trying to find those boxes!!

As the kids grew older, the clues got harder and sometimes involved physical tasks.  One year Sprite had to draw a tree using her foot.  That was a hilarious task:)

These were our clues for 2009:

The clues we used were (They start with clue # 10 that leads to clue #9, etc. Some of the clues they have to perform some task for us and then we give them the next clue. We’ve done this for ten years now… its getting harder every year to think of things!): 
Abyni (age 8)
10 Down up down down
9 Flip for clue Flip 3 x FOR CLUE
8 Don’t hide here unless you’re being chased by rabid monkeys or kidnappers
7 Using NO HANDS draw a picture with a blue tree with orange leaves, etc.
6 Wakes you up in the morning
5 Deuteronomy 23:12-13
4 Give Dad one book with blue, red and yellow on the cover, a blue comb, a pink rubber band, two twisty-ties, and five screws- all in a blue cup.
3 Proverbs 30:33
2 Where the _______ ________ Are
1 Your favorite hot day place to be

Abyni 10 Guitar
Abyni 9 (Daddy)
Abyni 8 return air duct
Abyni 7 Daddy
Abyni 6 bedroom window
Abyni 5 toilet
Abyni 4 Daddy
Abyni 3 Stick of butter
Abyni 2 In the Wild Things Book
Abyni 1 pool

Paris (age 8)
10 Find something that says, “Lose Ten Pounds”
9 Flip 3 x FOR CLUE
8 This is where we keep things that are born on ears
7 Using NO HANDS draw a picture with a totally new dress design with accessories, scarf, hat, jewelry, etc.
6 Directly below Invisible flier
5 Hola! Habla Espanol?
4 Give Dad one screw, a blue comb, a pink rubberband, something folded into the shape of an animal, and five pennies- all in a white cup.
3 Sounds like Chilly
2 Wicked Things you Create
1 The place where daddy throws you

Paris 10
Paris 9 (Daddy)
Paris 8 Pantry (can of corn)
Paris 7 Daddy
Paris 6 Directly underneath the “invisible” fairy in Paris’ room
Paris 5 BJU Spanish Book
Paris 4 Daddy
Paris 3 Sounds like Chilly…
Paris 2 In the Candle maker
Paris 1 pool

Jaedin (age 12)
10 Find something that has ALL of the following words on it: Conspiracy, Angela, Francine, required
9 Do 5 push ups and 5 sit ups FOR CLUE
8 This is where we keep things that are born on ears
7 Using NO HANDS draw a picture with a drawing of a blue tailed skink eating a pineapple
6 Genesis 3:18 “You will eat ______”
5 Deuteronomy 23:12-13
4 Give Dad one screw, a blue comb, a pink rubber band, something folded into the shape of an animal, and five pennies- all in a white cup.
3 Chile on the map
2 Your (paying) job takes place here
1 Find the picture of the kitchen tree swallow

Jaedin 10
Jaedin 9 (Daddy)
Jaedin 8 Pantry (can of corn)
Jaedin 7 Daddy
Jaedin 6 fruit
Jaedin 5 toilet
Jaedin 4 Daddy
Jaedin 3 Stick of butter
Jaedin 2 Kitchen Computer
Jaedin 1 Kitchen table bird book, page48

Kainan (age 12)
10 Find something that has ALL of the following words on it: April, Civil, Month, Saved
9 Do 10 push ups and 10 sit ups FOR CLUE
8 This is where we keep things that are born on ears
7 Using NO HANDS draw a picture with a sports logo from the NBA… daddy must be able to recognize it before you get your clue.
6 Genesis 3:18 “You will eat ______”
5 Deuteronomy 23:12-13
4 Give Dad one screw, something made from wood (a stick doesn’t count), something made out of metal, something heavier than Abyni, two things that weigh less than a penny, and five pennies.
3 Proverbs 30:33
2 Where the Wild Things are… not on paper
1 Oooh… la la… hot stuff

Kainan 10 April 1865 by Jay Winik
Kainan 9 (Daddy)
Kainan 8 Pantry (can of corn)
Kainan 7 Daddy
Kainan 6 fruit
Kainan 5 toilet
Kainan 4 Daddy
Kainan 3 Stick of butter
Kainan 2 In Daddy’s leather jacket pocket
Kainan 1 oven

Sprite (age 17)
10 Find something that has ALL of the following words on it: Darwin, Survival, New York
9 Do 10 push ups and 10 sit ups FOR CLUE
8 This is where we keep things that are born on ears
7 Using NO HANDS draw a picture of yourself and Bobo doing Thriller
6 This is where caterpillars may appear if I wait too long to use the GiGi appliance
5 Deuteronomy 23:12-13
4 Give Dad the following things: Something that weighs more than five pounds, but less than 10 pounds; Something folded into the shape of an animal, something that is both green AND orange, something that says happy on it (you can’t WRITE happy).
3 Proverbs 30:33
2 Your job’s helper’s home
1 In the sitting room, Behind That boy, Above my head and beside your sister in stripes.

Sprite 10 Darwin Awards book
Sprite 9 (Daddy)
Sprite 8 Pantry (can of corn)
Sprite 7 Daddy
Sprite 6 hair remover strips of cloth
Sprite 5 toilet
Sprite 4 Daddy
Sprite 3 Stick of butter
Sprite 2 in the soap dispenser of the dishwasher
Sprite 1 (Map)

Do you do an Easter Egg Hunt?  What is your favorite tradition?

Our Story, Part One: The Beginning of Our Acting Journey… The Wizard of Oz

25 Feb

Unfortunately, the computer with our photos on it from the Wizard of Oz crashed and I lost them all:(

So, to ease the pain of a horribly lengthy post, I am not only going to use other photos of my kids from that time period, but I am going to grace your screen with a HILARIOUS scene from a play I wrote and directed on this very journey!!  Seriously, its the funniest character I’ve ever written, acted by one of the best comedic actors that I’ve ever worked with.

The Beginning… The Wizard of Oz

Summer, 2005 Our acting adventures started in a rather odd, and yet quick way.  I was sitting in a waiting room for some reason I can’t remember.  I randomly picked up a TulsaKids magazine and was flipping through it out of pure boredom… I must have been there a long time because I had enough time to even read through all the classified type ads in the back!  An audition notice jumped out at me, “Auditions for The Wizard of Oz at the Spotlight Theater” and the final auditions were THAT NIGHT.

(I am still in a fog about where I was:) I left, and debated the whole way home whether we should try it.  My kids all loved to play pretend, and Abyni, although she was the youngest and the most shy, would come alive if she saw a stage. 

I had always dreamed of acting or singing, performing and all that, but I had a huge enormous fear of failure growing up.  A huge fear that kept me from trying and kept me from realizing my dreams.  I was already seeing that same behavior in my oldest daughter… and although part of it is just personality, I wanted to teach my kids to NOT be afraid of trying something new, even if they ‘failed’.  

We had been to several theater productions at the performing arts center, and Abyni always wanted to know how to get ON the stage instead of in the audience.  This was our chance, and I decided that we were going to take it.

I got home, announced to the kids and Patrick that we were going to “Go practice auditioning.”  I set it up so that it was fun, whatever the outcome, and no one had to worry about failing.  We were simply practicing at auditions!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We all hopped in the van and went to audition.  Kainan and Sprite, the oldest kids, were already old enough to be nervous and they decided not to try out.  That was fine, but the biggest shock was Abyni.  Up to that point, she would NOT talk to adults outside of our family.  She would glare if someone talked TO her.  The director was this really tall, loud theater type… and when Abyni asked us if she could go on stage, we told her that she could, but she had to ask the director.  She promptly hopped up and ran over to this guy, and I’m not joking, I think she barely reached his KNEE!!  She yanked on his pants leg and said, “‘Scuse me, Mister Director, can I get on stage too?”  Patrick and I were stunned… and she got up on stage and did wonderfully!

And as for our practice audition?  We all got parts!  Small parts, but enough to get us on stage and set fire to our new found passion… theater!

Me at 33! Wow!! I have changed a bit (mostly because I've gained weight (boo) and maybe my hair just a little:)

It was an amazing experience, and one that catapulted us into a life that we didn’t expect, but have THOROUGHLY enjoyed!!  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Thanks to John Barker, the director for casting us and making this such a positive experience!

Actually, that experience was SO daunting and exhausting, that we didn’t even venture back into acting for a couple of years, other than Patrick and I doing once a month appearances in the long running “The Drunkard and the Olio”.  

Our next excitement… and the one that had us doing/involved in FIVE plays over a 12 month period.  

Check back every weekend for ‘Our Story’ Updates!

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